Push Notification Landing Page - 4 Points of Monetization


It was direct traffic from propellerads. What can be the reason?
We are running many other push notification offers. Nobody said its fraud.
I cannot say directly because I don't know your login in Datspush but I may say the reason could be a fast unsubscribing with no impressions or clicks or there were more clicks from an user than notifications we sent him. Please, write me in pm your login in Datspush I will ask the manager about your situation. I'm here to help!:giggle:


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@Luke I've been looking for a popunder script or an affiliate network that has popunders with a offers on it.

I found these guys CPAlead :

but they removed the tools.

Do you know a good script for popunder or another affiliate network that does something similar as CPAlead?

Just trying to find ways to optimize the user and increase that EPC.