Follow Along Monetizer + PropellerAds Egypt Minstream Test


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Hello everybody I am a newbie and I have tried some offers with PopAds AdCash and PropellerAds without much success and this time I thought to post a follow along to get some guidance from AffLift members. Basic details are: Traffic Source: PropellerAds

Tracking Tool: BeMob

Affiliate Network: Monetizer

Type of Offer: 3 Mainstream offers from snapshot by revenue list

Offer Payout: No idea how much exactly but its looks like around $0.04 to 0.27

I believe this campaign will be successful because: OnClick (Pop under) CPM optimal rate is 0.422 (But my bid is Smart CPM 0.508) So if I can get at least 10 lead for 1000 impressions it will be nearly break even. (Kindly correct me if I'm wrong)

I am unsure about: if my thinking is correct and the traffic method I use correct.
In this campaign I created an aggressive link...
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