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Biggest Follow Along Contest Ever with PropellerAds #PA23

@L1Ght these days:
Hello everyone!

We know we are waiting! There are a lot of FAs this year and we need some time to check all of them and choose our winners.

The results will be announced soon!
It’s time to announce PropellerAds bonuses winners! We are grateful to everyone who came along for the ride, it was an incredible journey!

Congratulations @noisyboy! You are a fighter and your follow along is very inspiring! Hard work pays off πŸ’ͺ

And it’s time to giveaway additional PropellerAds bonuses.


PropellerAds Favorite Award $300 goes to @Yang
Thank you for such an amazing and detailed follow along! You tested Pops and Direct Click. Also you tested Survey Exit and shared the details of your experiment. As a result all of the formats worked well and had green campaigns from all of those formats.
Your case is the favorite follow along of the PropellerAds team!

The Most Active Participants bonus $100 goes to: @samueleto1, @LazyGuy, @Tamas, @Dungx and @Ack

You’ve been active during the whole contest and tried to help the other users with their cases. Thank you for your impact on the community.

Survey Exit case studies bonus $75 goes to: @Beckman, @Ack, @jaswinder, @L1Ght, @noisyboy, @fready1311, @luckyweber and @Yang

You guys tested the new format Survey Exit and shared some useful insights. Well done!

Mobile Apps follow along bonus $75 goes to: @jaswinder, @HAkorehdeh, @affmission

Nice work with the Mobile Apps follow alongs!

Please check your DMs, we’ve already sent your bonuses.


We hope you had as much fun as we did! The contest is over, but that is not all. Follow PropellerAds blog - we will share best follow along cases soon. These cases are full of helpful information and we are sure there’s a lot to learn from it.
Hello! Thank you everyone for joining the contest and sharing your amazing FAs!

We've red all of your follow alongs and comments carefully and we are impressed by how useful they are for all of the community members. Thank you for your activity and contribution!

We already gave away all the bonuses, but that's not all!
@sorrowz, @vinay333 and @Beckman - we could not left you behind and not to give you any on the bonuses. In spite of the fact you are not in the TOP5 list, we still believe you deserve a prize! That is why we decided to provide you with extra bonuses. Luke will send it to you soon!

Thank you all! 2023 Contest was EPIC!