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May 7, 2018
As I’m sure you may already know from my posts here on the forum, using a landing page is a pretty big deal. Landers can be the difference between a negative ROI campaign and a positive ROI campaign.


Because when you use a landing page, you can monetize your traffic better through the use of various scripts. One of the most common scripts you’ll find CPA affiliates using is the back button redirect.

What’s the Back Button Script?​

The back button redirect script is a dirty little trick that hijacks the user’s browser and changes where they will be sent when they click the back button. So instead of going back to the previous page, they were on, you can send them wherever you want.

The code is client-side Javascript that executes as soon as the page loads. So if the user immediately clicks the back button for some browsers, they will go to your location of choice. However, for browsers like Google’s Chrome, the user must first make some sort of interaction on your landing page before the back button script works.

As far as I’m aware, it’s not possible to script an interaction
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