Follow Along Survey Pops Intermediate Guide - Zero to Hero (MKII)

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Dec 1, 2018
I have been meaning to start a follow along using the Grand Guru's new course ever since it was mentioned but life has just kept getting in the way but this morning I thought it's time to get this show on the road no more excuses!

So here we go another FA from me but this time following GG @Nick's awesome new FREE course the Survey Pops - The Intermediate Guide

If you haven't read it yet make sure you do it's an awesome guide which will help you move into the next stage of your journey.


Right back to Zero to Hero (MKII) the Reckoning.....

I will be trying to keep to the course as much as possible but I will be using Binom rather than BeMob as that is just what I use now, both are brilliant trackers so either is good. In fact any tracker will certainly do as long as you configure it correctly for your postbacks etc.

This FA will be in parts as I'm starting it before my campaign is actually up and running as it will force me to
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