(Question) 15~20k profit per month



Oct 30, 2020

I've been promoting mVAS and survey offers with pop and redirect traffic for a year and have been generating about 3~4k per month.
Recently I tried to promote COD offers with native ads to expand my affiliate marketing.

But the result was that it seems that COD + native offers do not fit with me.
I almost spent about 8k and couldn't find just 1 profitable offer.
I think I tried everything I learned.
I tried Mgid, Adskeeper, AdNow and Revcontent with several creatives and LPs downloaded + modified from AdPlexity, Anstrex for several geos below.
PE, CO, MX, GH, CY: Matchaslim, DustonGel
PH, RO, IT, TH: Money amulet
MY: Flash
ID, EC, PL: Stability, Energy saving box, Arthrazex, Ostex, Depanten
IN: Arthrazex
RS, BA: Apollos

Although I kept optimizing for several weeks, ROI still maintained -50~70% because the conversion rate continually decreased for some reason.
I read a lot of guides about optimizing such as change creatives and landing pages, blacklist bad widget ids, etc.
Finally I started assuming that there might be other reasons in the shady part.
The result was enough for me to think that the conversion rate of the offers
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