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Case Study EZMob Pops with Smart Push Conversions



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Apr 17, 2018
The other day, announced they were selling their pop traffic at a $0.10 CPM with a limited budget of $200/day. You have to pick 10 GEOs in order to get the low CPM deal, but I have a ton of GEOs I am focused on with my push subscription campaign so I decided to give it a try.

Well, that was a good choice :D

I am sending traffic to a smart link I created for myself for push notification subscriptions. I basically use Kintura (@Kintura) to select the push subscription link from various sources (PeerFly, DatsPush, Evadav, Mobipium, etc).

I am going to create a lot of competition for myself by posting this, but if you have a pop campaign that works across many GEOs with a proven track record, you might want to give EZMob a try.

You never know where your next opportunity might ... pop up :D ๐Ÿš€
Thanks for the feedback Luke.

And you guys can enjoy the crazy promo for yourself as well -

For more details, feel free to PM me here, or in Skype - live:shay.w_2

Shai :)
The price has gone up. Min value is $0.5 now....View attachment 4517
Hi guys - to get the special price you need to create to campaign according to the terms ( $200 daily cap, and minimum 10 geos) and then one of our account managers will change for you the bid manually. we are working to change it in the UI as well.
152% ROI today so far. Had to adjust some GEOs and do some optimizations. Not upset about it though :)
What you mean with smart links created for yourself - custom landings or something else? Or you just rotate them?

Having a hard time spending today. I'm guessing it's because my competition has increased :) Obviously happy with the current results though.

@Kintura, I need you guys to make it so the daypart sorting is based on the hour so it actually works right :D
Oops sorry @Luke adding a post-it to the whiteboard for that now. ๐Ÿคฆโ€โ™‚๏ธ

Is the heatmap of use in the meantime?
I also noticed that some of the places I am sending the EZMob traffic weren't even detecting the traffic as clicks. I understand that with pops there will be cases where the window is closed before the load. Despite pretty good results overall (assuming I don't have other revenue from other sources I was sending the traffic revoked), there is definitely something questionable with this traffic. you might want to look into your partners you are getting traffic from. I know of a few other people who were kicked for using your traffic since I started talking about it.