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More than half of internet traffic in 2018 was estimated to have come from mobile. And mobile traffic is not showing any signs of slowing down. On the contrary, it is expected to dominate all traffic in the coming years. This is why it is smart to jump into mobile affiliate marketing now. Where best to search for such offers than in a platform that focuses on mobile offers? One example of such a platform is Mobipium.

The company was founded in 2013, in Lisbon, Portugal. Mobipium's core business focuses on mobile content. Their top verticals include mobile carrier billing, e-commerce, dating and push notification subscriptions.

Mobipium Affiliate Network

Exclusive Offers with Highest Payouts
Because of their long-term relationship with their partner advertisers, Mobipium is able to provide exclusive offers. This means less competition, as well as higher payouts for offers under the same vertical.

There are currently more than five thousand offers on the platform. Many of these offers come from the more than one hundred direct advertisers that Mobipium has.


Dedicated Account Managers
Affiliates can contact their affiliate managers for inquiries as well as updates on what offers work best for their traffic. Just send an email or chat your AM via Skype. They are available 24/7 to provide assistance.

Advanced Reporting Platform
Mobipium makes use of advanced reporting platform to better assist their affiliates, especially those who skip on using any tracking service. Their advanced reporting dashboard allows users to filter reports based on category, country, device, offer type, offer ID and more.

Users can also download their reports to further drill down and analyze how their traffic is working for the offer

Auto-Optimization Algorithm
If you have traffic but are having trouble choosing the right offer, you can utilize Mobipium's Smartlink. Your traffic will automatically be diverted to the best offer based on your traffic's profile (such as country, device, source and more). Mobipium's auto-optimization is extremely accurate, allowing you to rest easy while you bring more traffic to the link.

Three main Smartlinks are being promoted at the moment, and these are based on the following categories:
  1. Adult traffic (Worldwide)
  2. Mainstream traffic (Worldwide)
  3. Push notifications (Limited to 30 countries)
The Smartlinks, however, have specific rules on the type of traffic the offer accepts.

Mobipium Payment Terms

As always, cash flow is an important aspect of the continuing success of an affiliate. This is why Mobipium offers flexible payment terms.

Affiliates get paid on a Net30 basis initially but can switch to quicker payment releases such as weekly payouts once the quality has been established and verified.

Payment options include PayPal, ePayments, Paxum and wire transfer. The minimum withdrawal amount depends on the choice of payment, which are as follows:
  • Wire transfer - minimum $500
  • PayPal - minimum $100
  • ePayments - minimum $100
  • Paxum - minimum $100
Affiliates must create and send their invoice immediately after the payment period ends. The invoice must include the revenue generated within the pay period according to the Mobipium reports dashboard. The PDF copy of the invoice must be sent to the affiliate manager for processing.

🚀 MOBIPIUM is a member of the affLIFT community! Check out our review and you can message them if you have any questions (@MOBIPIUM).

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Won´t let me sign up, whatever I do I get the error Authentication Failed

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MOBIPIUM is the first affiliate network I have cooperated with,
and their offers are of high quality. You can test with confidence and don't worry about wasting too much money.
The only fly in the ointment for me is that occasionally payments are delayed by a few days, which keeps me from sending too much traffic.

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