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UPDATE: Kintura no longer works and they are not approving new users.

Undoubtedly, optimization can be one of the toughest aspects to learn in affiliate marketing. Which target or zone ID do you stop? Which should continue running? Which offer is showing potential to be profitable even while it’s still on the red?

Optimization is one of the reasons why many new affiliates turn to trackers that have AI in their technology to help them manage campaigns. If you’re looking for a tracker that heavily focuses on its AI, then Kintura is the one for you.

Although one of the youngest trackers in the industry, Kintura boasts of being operated by a team of developers that has more than 60 years’ worth of experience in cloud-based analytics. They pride themselves on having a highly efficient analytics engine. Let’s look closely into what they offer.

Kintura Features

True Artificial Intelligence
According to Kintura, most trackers claim to use AI, but only enforce a blanket weight based on which offers or landing pages are performing. Kintura’s AI process is as follows:
  1. Evaluating every user’s action and information in real time;
  2. Predicting the most likely scenario by using a combination of ML algorithms; and
  3. Choosing the best path based on the results of the analysis.
Kintura is currently working on another AI feature – the Advisor – which provides advice on what to boost, cut and run based on confidence intervals.

Real Time Global
Kintura utilizes 7 data centers around the world, making campaign updates instantaneous.

Seamless Redirect & No Click Lost
Redirection problems almost always lead to lost clicks and therefore wasted money. Kintura prevents this from happening by offering lightning fast redirect speeds even with the AI working real time.

Multiple Users
Working with a team is also easy as you can add multiple users at various levels of access.

Human Score in reports
Aside from bot-filtering, Kintura will be able to tell you the human score of your traffic with the help of Google reCAPTCHA v3. This reCAPTCHA version is totally invisible to the visitor, minimizing user friction. This feature is only available in the reports as of the moment, but will later be included in campaign set-up to allow you to send users with a low human score to alternate offers.

Kintura Pricing

Kintur offers three pricing levels, all of which are several times cheaper than other popular trackers with similar inclusions. These are:
  1. Basic Plan – costs $69 when billed monthly or $499 when billed yearly. It includes three million events per month, 20 domains, 20 users, the KinturaJS pixel and the bot detection feature.
  2. Premium Plan – costs $149 when billed monthly or $999 when billed annually. It includes all features under the Basic Plan plus 10 million events, 30 domains and 30 users.
  3. Professional Plan – costs $199 when billed monthly or $1,899 when billed annually. It includes 20 million events, 50 domains, and 50 users. Of course, it includes all features of the platform.
All plans include a 14-day test drive for you to see if this tracker’s right for you.

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  • Zedpal
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BROKEN. ( too sad; I liked it a lot . Quality tracker without support and with a fragile infrastructure...)

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