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A huge volume of traffic is every advertiser's dream. After all, the more eyes that see your ad, the higher the chances of getting a conversion. As such, finding a traffic provider that promises consistent and unlimited traffic gives a media buyer some sense of relief.

If you are looking for a high volume push ads provider, you can turn to EZmob. This platform is linked to at least 20,000 direct publishers and more than 50 Supply Side Platforms, including MoPub, Mobfox and Smaato.

EZmob Ad Network

Self-Serve Platform
Many affiliates prefer to be hands-on with their campaigns. If you are one of those, you'd be delighted with EZmob's self-service platform. They utilize a user-friendly dashboard which is pretty easy to navigate even for a beginner.

Managed Account Service
If the self-serve platform doesn't work for you, you can always apply for the managed account service. This is advantageous for those who are in need of huge volumes and have hundreds or even thousands of campaigns to maintain.


EZmob's proprietary ad serving and campaign management technology is top of the line. Just choose the traffic source that works best for you, highlight the features that you want to target and you're done. You can easily discuss your needs with your campaign manager. You can also contact their team for push traffic XML integration.

Wide Reach
With more than 50 SSPs in its inventory, EZmob is able to provide push traffic from 160 countries all over the world, across various devices, carriers, and more.

Fresh User Base
They currently have more than one million fresh users in their direct user base alone. Top that up with the user base from the SSPs they are connected with, updated daily.

Detailed Targeting
In order to show your ad to users relevant to your offer, you can adjust your campaign filters based on the following:
  • Country
  • Language
  • Device
  • Operating System
  • Browser
  • Carrier
Likewise, you can adjust the frequency by which a user sees an ad, as well as schedule your campaign to run only at specific times and days of the week.

Comprehensive Reporting Interface
EZmob prides itself in its near real-time reports, helping advertisers easily optimize their campaigns on the spot. Just make sure to integrate your pixel into the platform if you want to track your conversions within EZmob’s interface.

For those using a different tracker, MACROS is available for use in order to get complete data for every click your campaign receives. All major tracking solutions are supported. Here is a list of the EZmob tracking tokens:

Tracking TokenToken Description
{subid}.{pubfeed}Subid & Pubfeed (those are the ones need it in order to track the siteid)
{bid}The cost of the visit
{campaign}Campaign ID
{keyword}Keyword matched on campaign
{aa}Required for Event Tracking
{banner}Ad ID
{carrier}Visitor’s ISP
{city}Visitor’s city
{country}Two-letter visitor’s country (ISO 3166–2)
{ga}Required for Google Analytics statistics
{offer}Offer ID
{os}Operation system
{pubpoint}Publisher point id
{pubzone}Publisher zone id
{query}Keyword sent by publisher
{referrer}Referrer URL (urlencoded)
{referrer_domain}Referrer domain
{remfeed}Remote Feed ID
{search_referrer_domain}Search referrer domain
{state}Visitor’s state
{subid}Publisher Feed subID
{zip}Visitor’s postal code (if available)

EZmob Push Ads Funding

Testing if their traffic works for you is easy, with its $100 minimum deposit. The minimum price per click is $0.005. Aside from credit cards, EZmob accepts payments from a multitude of options, including PayPal, AliPay, ApplePay, Paxum, Webmoney and more.

EZmob Coupon Code

AffLift members are in for a treat with EZmob’s offer of an additional $100 for every $1,000 ad spend on the platform. Just send your account manager a message with the EZmob promo code Affliftpromo! to receive your top-up bonus.

EZmob is a member of the affLIFT community so you can always just message them (@EZmob.com) for help.

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One Word: Standard. Nothing special from this Traffic source. No conversions, and traffics not too special.

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