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Grand Guru
Aug 31, 2019
I tried several campaigns in the last two months , all of them in Mobile content offers, and after several days of collecting data and optmizatoin, the campaign often ends up stopping for some reasons, including very little traffic, After removing the elements that do not work.

That's why I decided to start over, this time I'm going to create an FA because I know it's the best way to get help through the community and I'll be able to find out what mistakes I've made and learn from them.
And also this thread may help beginners who do not have a large capital, I will start with a limited budget between $500-$700 Besides these campaigns, I will be working on some blackhat methods to raise more capital by content locker and updates will also be added here I will use Cpabuild and Ogads with tik tok.

ℹ️ Traffic Source: PropellerAds
🔧 Tracking Tool: Bemob
✅ Affiliate Network: Golden Goose+ProPush+Zeydoo
👍 Type of Offer: Mobile content "Pin submit, 1Fllow, 2Fllow"
💰 Offer Payout: < 1$
⭐ Geos: tier2 and tier3
🎯 Goal: 200$ Profit
🏆 I believe this Challenge will be successful because:
I reached this number before, but I could not stay on it for long because the offer was stopped
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