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Golden Goose

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Golden Goose
Your success in the business of affiliate marketing does not solely depend on your expertise, but also on the expertise of the people you work with. This is the reason why working with a CPA network who knows what they are doing is essential.

One such network with deep expertise in mobile marketing is Golden Goose Agency. With 15 years of experience in content marketing in CIS and in Russia, this company is a competent partner to work with when it comes to monetizing mobile traffic.

Golden Goose was established in 2009 as a media buying company. It eventually opened its doors to the world in 2018, accepting mobile affiliates and expanding their reach.


Golden Goose Agency

Multiple Conversions Flows
Whatever kind of conversion type you may be looking for when it comes to mobile traffic, GG Agency has it. Their most popular conversion flows include the following:
  • 1-Click Flow - this is one of the simplest conversion models. The conversion occurs when the user clicks on a button (such as subscribe).
  • Pin Submit - in this model, the conversion occurs after the user completes two steps. The first step is by clicking on a button or by inputting a mobile number, which prompts the offer to send an SMS message with a PIN or confirmation number. The user then inputs the PIN on the webpage, therefore completing the transaction and firing a conversion pixel.
  • Click2SMS - as its name implies, the conversion occurs after the user clicks on a button and receives an SMS message that is charged against his mobile number (whether prepaid or postpaid billing).
GG Agency receives an average of 65,000 conversions a day from these offers.

Wide Range of mVAS Content
In order to maximize conversions and revenue, Golden Goose provides unique and attractive content that can satisfy the needs of users for more Mobile Value Added Services. This is where the agency’s 15 years of experience in this field come to play.


Aside from mobile-focused content such as mobiles apps and games, Golden Goose has a wide variety of niches to focus on, such as:
  • Lottery and Sweepstakes
  • Web Games
  • Videos
  • Music
Aside from their own offers, this network has a special partnership with various advertisers. They have more than 500 offers to date.

Powerful Tracking Platform
This network prides itself on having a high tech tracking system, with a lot of reports and monitoring capabilities. Affiliates can use this to monitor their traffic, campaigns, and conversions, making optimization easier, even without a third-party tracker.


Included within their platform are solutions to problems affiliates frequently encounter, such as the ability to bypass ad-blockers and detect fraudulent traffic.

Ultra-Fast Payouts
Golden Goose has one of the fastest payouts in the industry. They send payments on a daily basis, and for a very low minimum of $10 earnings. Payment can be sent through almost any channel you can think of, including PayPal, Payoneer, WebMoney, ePay, Paxum, Liberty Pay, Neteller, wire transfer, and direct deposit.

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This is the first network that i got payment. Its hard to believe how good is this network seeing the UI but everything is excellent. Great AM and excellent daily payout. 100% recommanded

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