All and any traffic on the web is good for business. Reason being, you can’t make any money without relevant traffic. For this reason, there are many marketing tools that marketers use to help boost their business out onto the forefront of the internet.

These tools can range anywhere from using free social media platforms, search engine optimization, banners, and PPV, which is the most underrated traffic type and the hardest to thoroughly grasp.

Although traffic methods are very costly, alternative means and sources of gaining traffic are more sought out. One alternative source is PPV. For this reason, marketers work hard on trying to master it efficiently and correctly.

PPV, also known as “PAY-PER-VIEW”, requires a level of knowledge to be able to improve your strategy and approach in order to use it to its maximum potential. Knowing more about this traffic type will help you hone your technique faster and more adequately. So first things first, you have to understand what is PPV and how it works.


What Is PPV?

PPV, which is also sometimes referenced as CPV, “CLICKS-PER-VIEW”, is the pay-per-click model in which you pay the advertising network each time your advertisement or website is displayed to a viewer.

In basic terms, you’re paying to simply have someone look at your website. Although it seems more like a profit-and-loss model of gaining traffic to your website or product, it can be very effective.

There are many PPV networks out there that can offer high-quality traffic. These traffic sources range from PropellerAds, PopAds, PopCash, and Zeropark among others. Picking the right one, especially as a beginner, can help you test the waters on how to work your way into a workable strategy.

However, most beginner’s that get into PPV affiliate marketing bump into hiccups and mistakes such as running out of advertising money too quickly, choosing the wrong landing pages for their advertisement pop up or pop under, and not choosing the right offers. Therefore, below I will explain the correct way to promote an affiliate offer with PPV advertising.

Choose the Right Offers

Like mentioned above, most beginners choose the wrong offers when it comes to PPV marketing. You want to be sure that the offer you choose won’t drain your advertising funds before you even begin to get going long enough to reap the rewards of quality traffic.

By choosing the right offer, you can lower your overhead and expenditure on spending for advertising while gaining the results you were seeking. And selecting the right PPV affiliate marketing strategy all comes down to choosing the correct PPV network.

So be sure to research thoroughly the best PPV network for you before jumping right into it PPV affiliate marketing.


Select the Correct Landing Pages

Selecting the correct landing page for your website is very important in not only funneling the right traffic but also with keeping and maintaining a low bounce rate. Having a high bounce rate from your traffic obviously won’t make you sales. And that’s what you’re ultimately seeking, right?

I mean, you can have a terrific PPV marketing campaign running, but the landing page can ultimately spoil the benefit you were reaping off the campaigns. So always be sure to make your landing pages stand out, get straight to the point, and stay aligned with what you were offering in your campaign. Your campaign should be the introduction to your what your marketing and the landing page should expound on it more and land you that sale.

Select the Right Campaign

Just like selecting the correct landing page is highly important for your business, so is choosing the right campaign to run. In order to do this, you have to make sure the item you're choosing to run on the campaign fits with the niche that you're marketing in. If it's an item that doesn't match your niche it won't do so well in landing you clicks.

The best way to find out if your choosing the right campaign strategy is to look at your competitors who are in the same niche and mimic the campaigns they are choosing for the PPV affiliate marketing advertising.

Select the Right Target

Not choosing the correct target audience is usually the deal breaker when it comes to running a smooth operation on your PPV marketing. In order for your PPV marketing strategies to work you need to be targeting the write viewers to be able to generate clicks.

There are many free and informative ways to do this. One way is by using target keywords for your campaigns and seeing the demographics and statistics of their target audience. If that target correlates with your campaign, meaning the statistics and demographics, then it should be a viable target audience.

Other ways of finding a viable target audience is searching out relevant websites and URL’s via Google. If you find many, this means you have a large selection of target URL’s in your campaign.

Keep Track of Your Traffic

I would say always keep track of your traffic. This the only way you’ll be able to figure out if your PPV campaign is working. Unfortunately, most beginners skip over or forget this crucial aspect o PPV marketing. If you can measure your tracking then you can improve on your campaigns down the line, which will result in more sales and traffic.

There are tracking tools and systems available to help with tracking and if you are having trouble our community is here to help. Just post in our tracking forum.

Also, when first starting out, stick with one source when you are starting out your PPV campaigns. By doing it this way, it makes it easier for you to track the reliability of that source and the quality of traffic supplied by it. If you’re using multiple ones at one time, it makes it hard to do so.

Lastly, don't give up when you seem to fail at honing down your PPV affiliate marketing and you're more successful at losses than successes. It happens to most of us in the beginning. Just think of it like your tracking data on what works and what doesn't.