Vertical: Dating
Affiliate network: AdsEmpire
Media buying: Vrume
Ads format: Email
Operating system: Android & iOS
Offer: Flirtyon
Payment model: CPL SOI
Rate: $8
Period: 05.10.23 - 29.11.23
Spent: $1,290.80
Income: $1896.00
Profit: $605.20
ROI: 46.89%

AdsEmpire, in collaboration with the Vrume media buying team, conducted a successful test of driving email traffic to a Switzerland dating offer. Thanks to Vrume's experience with this source, we’ve got a favorable result – a 46.89% ROI! Now, we want to share this case and demonstrate how this popular and cost-effective source can work wonders. Want to learn more? Let's figure it out together!

Choice of Offer

AdsEmpire offers a wide range of GEOs, with more than 50 available. Vrume typically focus on the NORDIC and DACH regions. After consulting with the manager and thoroughly discussing all launch details, we were presented with the opportunity to choose Flityon offer, with a MOB rate of $8 targeting GEO CH (Switzerland).

Regarding the GEO Switzerland, it's worth noting that traffic in this region can be quite pricey. However, this doesn't hinder you from making profits even with small budgets. With this GEO, there are ample opportunities for successful advertising campaigns boasting high conversion rates and profitability.

Pros and cons of working with email traffic

First, let’s look at the advantages:

1. You can use your user base for a long time and offer new offers to your audience.
2. The process of launching advertising campaigns is easy to optimize.
3. Email letter design automatically adapts to different devices.
4. You can include multiple links to various offers in your emails. This increases the chance that the user will be interested in one of your products.

As for the shortcomings, they are few, but they are there. Let's consider three main ones:

1. Invalid emails can affect your conversions, so the quality of your email database is key.
2. There's a risk of getting banned for spam, especially with new and unknown domains.
3. Ignoring emails or treating them as spam. If the user is not interested in your offer, they will not only refrain from clicking on it, but also delete the email or mark it as spam.

Launching an Advertising campaign

During the testing phase pre-landings were omitted. The traffic was directed straight to the link provided by the manager.

The Vrume team primarily works with mobile devices as they typically convert better than desktops.

Following the acquisition of initial leads, optimization efforts were initiated using white lists, and non-converting sources were deactivated. This strategy enabled media buying to boost volumes and scale effectively.

Examples of Email Texts:

Don't forget that Switzerland is a true mosaic of cultures and languages, consisting of four main cantons (Bern, Fribourg, Valais and Graubünden), each with its own linguistic peculiarity.
German serves as the primary language for communication for over 60% of the Swiss populace. French is the main language in French-speaking Switzerland, known as Romandy, spoken by 23% of the residents. Italian is the main language in Ticino and parts of the canton of Graubünden, with about 8% of the population speaking it.
Understanding of the geo will help you target more accurately and increase the conversion of your advertising campaigns.

The texts are translated and adapted for each GEO separately. Here are some examples of email texts that have been launched:

* English was not used in this case. The examples were given for the purpose of understanding the text and served as references*

Example of email text #1


Example of email text #2


Over a span of 2 months working with the Flirtyon offer, we garnered 237 conversions, achieving an ROI of 46.89%, resulting in a profit of $605.20.

Statistics from AdsEmpire panel

Statistics from the tracker

Conversions: 237
Expenses: $1,290.80
Income: $1,896
Profit: $605.20
ROI: 46.89%

Android performed slightly worse with an EPC of $1.52 and a CVR of 19.10% than iOS, which had an EPC of $2.11 and a CVR of 26.49%. However, it was still possible to make money on both operating systems.

Traffic primarily was directed to TIR1 GEO - Switzerland, where iOS devices are more prevalent, resulting in iOS showing the best results.

Thanks to the ability to work with email traffic, optimize campaigns, and receive high payouts from AdsEmpire, you can achieve good results.

Our managers are always ready to provide support for launches, optimization, and selecting the right offer for your traffic.

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