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Vertical: Dating
Affiliate Network: AdsEmpire
Sources: Clickadu, ExoClick, ClickAdilla
Ad budget: $1500
Income: $4000
Profit: $2500
Ad Formats: In-page push, push notification & in-app banners
Campaign Runtime: 18 hours daily
Offer: OneNightFriend

There are many types of ads formats in the world, but judging by the advertiser's feedback and my experience, I think these three formats are the best for dating. Let's explain in a little detail..

In-Page Push is a message that appears right when the user is browsing a website. it doesn’t require a user to subscribe notifications. Works on every OS type. It can be compared with banners ad. I bought traffic in this format from Clickadu website

Push ads
are a type of native ad format. Push advertising means delivering ads to users' desktop or mobile devices in a form resembling usual push notifications, thus offering a non-intrusive, user-friendly, and highly engaging way for advertisers to reconnect and expand their audiences. That's why I do push ads camping on a platform called ExoClick.

In-App banner ads are the static ad units which are displayed at the top or at the bottom of the screen (standard banners). In-app banner advertising usually give us Excited traffic, so I use it for dating, I bought this format from a platform called ClickAdilla

My Ad budget
: $1500 USD.
If we talk about every week. My weekly ad budget is $1500.This means my daily ad budget is around $200.I spend 200 on any one or two of the 3 camping runs mentioned above.

How much I got: $4000 USD
I get $3500 to $4000 per week. In some weeks it is less or more than that. And that means my daily earn is around $600.

: $2500 USD
Let's calculate profit now. This calculation is very Interesting and easy to do. I spend 1500 per week for ad and got around 4000 from AdsEmpire. So My Profit is about $2500 USD.

Campaign Run Time:
Every Day 18H
Camping is running 18 hours every day. But I turn on and off camping depending on their time zone and traffic activities according to each city.

I basically do promotions in the US. Why did I only promote on US. And for what reason I chose dating. Let's break the ark.
I know very well the activities of the people of the United States and their behavior. I know enough about what kind of things they like, what they dislike and what kind of environment and what kind of creative they are attracted to. I use my knowledge and conscience to create a creative and propagate it in the right place in the right way. If I get some more information and use it, I will definitely get better results.

I've started with the default rates for USA $2,5 web and $1,9 mob for the offers OneNightFriend.
Then got bumped to $2,5 web/ $3 mob.

Let's talk a little bit about what is behind this gold rush…..

I use some creatives that touch the mind of the traffic. And he was attracted to AdsEmpire product page. Let's see a little bit..





Now let's go to campaign settings:

After setting up my ad, I set up camping very carefully. Here is something I do in the camping setting.
  • Calculate Targeted City impression
  • Pricing (CPC)
  • Choice best time for boost my ad. Time of Day
  • Device target: Mob & Tab.OS All. Operating Systems
  • Browser All
  • Ad placement on Best viewing angel
  • Bot Filter in Ipv4 & Ipv6
  • Connect to Spy Tools.
  • My ad will be live on that site. I research about the traffic value & volume of that site
After doing all this I set how long the ad will last and start. And from time to time I keep an eye on its performance.

Let's see my last 7 days camping cost and click impression.



Now I will see my last 7 days profit and screenshots of some of the payments from AdsEmpire.



I started working with AdsEmpire this January and so far I am very satisfied with the CR of the offers they give, plus there are some offers you cannot find anywhere. Second, my manager Egor is very responsive and always there to help with the LPs optimization. Never had any troubles with the payouts as well.

Thanks for your time. Hope this case will help someone to boost their profits.