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Clickadu Push Notifications

Minimum Deposit

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Clickadu Push Notifications
If you’re looking for an ad network with large traffic volumes and multiple ad formats, then you should add Clickadu to your list.

Its ad formats include popunder, video pre-roll, banner ads, and the newest traffic type available -- push notifications.

The last ad format allows you to deliver your ad to users without the need for them to be viewing a website, or using an app at that very moment.

Clickadu Premium Ad Network

Established in 2014, Clickadu has since grown to have more than 740 direct publishers that are showing 8,000 plus active campaigns. These ads are delivered daily, for a total of two billion impressions daily. These campaigns have resulted to an estimated 3.3 million conversions overall.

This traffic network has the following benefits and features for push notifications:

Multiple Pricing Models
Clickadu push notifications have CPM, SmartCPM, CPC, SmartCPC, and SmartCPA pricing models.

If you are not familiar with which zone works best for your campaign, the SmartCPC option will do wonders for you. Simply create a campaign with a test budget (the minimum is $5) and run it. The system will take charge and search for zones with the highest likelihood of getting clicks.

On the other hand, if you know how much a lead is worth to you but would like to find the best performing zones, you can opt for the SmartCPA model. You just need to set the highest CPA amount you can afford and start the campaign. The system will help you get the leads around that amount. The minimum test budget is $10.

Clickadu pricing options

Works Well with Several Verticals
The best performing verticals for Clickadu’s push notification traffic are Dating and Webcams. Still, the following verticals have been known to perform well according to a Clickadu review:
  • Sweepstakes
  • VPN
  • Push Subscriptions
  • Gaming
  • Gambling
  • Mobile App Installs
  • Tools and Utilities
  • APK
  • Adult Games
  • Pin Submit and WAP Clicks
  • Crypto
  • Binary
  • Nutra (whitelisting is necessary)
Huge Traffic Volume from Various GEOs
Whether you want to focus on Tier 1, Tier 2 or even Tier 3 countries, Clickadu has the traffic for you. Their top-performing locations for push notifications based on volume are Brazil, India, Germany, France, United States, and Russia.

Self-Serve Platform (with Managed Account Option)
Those who want the ability to monitor and adjust their ads on their own will find Clickadu’s self-service platform amiable. It is user-friendly and easy to navigate. However, if you only have a target that you want to achieve and would like to leave the management to someone else, you can discuss the fully-managed option with your account manager.

Clickadu Push Notifications Example

Zero Bots
Push notifications is one of the best ad types when it comes to quality. Users (whether mobile, desktop or tablet users) agree to receive notifications first before receiving any ad. Once the ad is displayed, it requires a user action to proceed to the landing page or app installation. All actions are completely human.

Clickadu Funding Options

Clickadu requires a minimum deposit of $100 in order to start running ads. They accept wire transfer, credit cards, WebMoney, ePayments, PayPal and Paxum. For wire transfer transactions, the account user will have to shoulder the transaction fees and takes three to five days before the deposit is reflected in the account.

🚀 Clickadu is a part of the affLIFT community! Message @Clickadu if you have any questions.

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Hi everyone! We are happy to anounce that we have extended the promotional code afflift until September. Have a profit journey with Clickadu.

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Very good network with quality traffic. Support is good and responsive. Traffic volume is not that great but quality is good. Newbie & affiliate friendly network. Highly recommended

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