We have recently published a Case Study: How to Make $600 a Day with our offers and our Follow Along (ExoClick, in our case).

Now, we want to share a case study from one of our publishers on how to run Dating niche offers with NativeAds and how to get 50+% ROI.

Vertical: Dating
Affiliate network: AdsEmpire
Source: TrafficStars
Ad Format: Prime NativeAds (Xhamster)
Offer: granniestomeet
Payment Model: CPL
Rate: MOB / WEB $3.5
Working period: 02.11 – 11.11
Spent: $683.32
Income: $1046.50
Profit: $363.18
ROI: 53.15%

Hello everyone, today I want to share a working case that shows how you can earn good passive income without much effort by choosing a good offer and affiliate program - you just need to launch and that's it.

Let's divide the case into several stages:

1. Choosing an offer and affiliate program
2. Promo
3. Result
4. A couple of tips

1. Choosing an offer and affiliate program

Choosing an affiliate program is an important step at the beginning of launching campaigns. This didn’t take me much time since I have worked with TrafficStars for a long time, and I almost always buy from their TOP source – Xhamster. There’s a wide variety of placements, but now I work only with NativeAds - they have large volumes, CPA comes out fairly low (compared with other places), a more loyal audience to this ad, and high CTR.

The second stage was choosing the offer - over the course of communication with the manager, I decided to try a niche offer - granniestomeet. In general, I myself have noticed more than once that the Granny niche has a higher conversion rate compared to other niches.

2. Promo

I share with you my TOP promos:


I used the same text for all 3 pictures:


3. Result

I bought traffic on two TOP NativeAds placements: Footer and Under the Video

I chose 2 categories taking into account the niche of the purchase - Granny and Mature

Daily KPI - $70

As I said before, the launch of the campaign allowed me to earn $350+ profit within 10 days, without optimization - I launched it and did nothing (just watched every day).


4. A couple of tips

- Try to test niches - Granny is indeed a higher converting niche for the UK.
- Keep in touch with the manager – he/she will always tell you about new exclusives.