Currently the fourth most popular ad network around, ExoClick is generating big traffic volumes, especially in the adult niche. And there’s no mystery why -- millions of people view porn! It is said that ExoClick is the number one network in Spain, and generates at least five billion impressions per day. This is why I see no reason for ExoClick to fade away anytime soon. I honestly believe they will be here for a long, long time.

So when I had an adult offer and a gambling offer that I wanted to promote, I was determined to create a campaign on ExoClick to see if it works for me. Thankfully, I wasn’t disappointed.


What to Love About ExoClick

So when I tried this network for the first time, here are some of the things I liked about this traffic provider. These are:

1. Multiple Category Types

So at first I thought they were an adult-only network. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that they offer non-adult traffic as well.

Other networks separate their traffic by adult and non-adult. With ExoClick, they further segment the non-adult traffic into two, and these are (1) Entertainment & Lifestyle, and (2) Streaming & File Sharing.

2. Ability to Choose Websites

If you know which websites you'd like to promote in, and which ones you'd rather avoid, then the Marketplace will be advantageous for you.

Aside from having multiple targeting options to help you narrow down the traffic to user attributes most likely to convert, you can even choose the websites your ad will appear on.

Only websites with your ad type of choice will show up in the Marketplace. I like that you can see the website's Alexa ranking, as well as the volume of traffic you'll likely receive per ad type. It's a cool feature because other networks don't even display the website domain name; these are usually hidden in codes. With ExoClick, I can check the website to see if it matches what I'm trying to promote, and then include or exclude them then and there during campaign creation.

This also helps me better match my creatives to the website where my ads will be shown. What I do is I check the website and then imitate their color scheme, font styles and images and more, in the end making my ad look native to the site. There are also other times when I create a banner that totally clashes with the website, calling more attention (albeit basically shouting "I'm an ad!"). Whatever the case, knowing and being able to choose the publisher website worked a great deal for me.


3. Very Detailed Reporting

I can say that this is what I love most about them. Why, their reporting dashboard is so detailed and easy to navigate that I hardly needed to use my tracker when checking how my campaigns are going. I only visited my tracker and CPA network to double-check the conversions.

There are two display types. One is for Global Report, and the other one is for Campaigns by Group. You can create groups to help you have a better view of your campaigns. You can group by country, offer, affiliate network -- basically any kind of grouping that you like. Or you can have no grouping at all; you're the boss.

Now back to reporting. First off, you'll be able to see the trends on your campaigns when you choose global reporting. You can narrow down the trends table by choosing the parameter, such as browser, country, OS, device and more.

When you choose to check reports by campaign, you'll be shown a list of campaigns with corresponding buttons to edit, see detailed stats, and more. Just looking at the stats here will allow you to quickly optimize, if you're into manual optimization. But if you manage a lot of campaigns, you will benefit from this next point.

4. Powerful Automation

ExoClick’s automation has just been launched recently, but it is already proving to be useful for me. I’m sure the more affiliates and media buyers get used to using this tool, their campaigns will improve.

If you are running a lot of campaigns and have very little time to optimize each one, automation would be great for you. You can utilize either monetary-based optimization or performance-based optimization.

I used the Offers tool when testing an offer with various landing pages. To reduce my costs, I use the Bidder. I would need to test it out more for me to fall completely in love with it, but I am happy with the results I am seeing so far.

What ExoClick Needs to Improve On

This part is, in short, what I didn't like about the network when I tried them out.

1. Misleading counter

During campaign set up, when you choose the audience segment and ad format type, ExoClick will display an estimated traffic volume for your selection.

However, once you blacklist some publishers or when you run a whitelist campaign, the estimate in the counter doesn't change. So it's not very reliable.

2. Low volume for non-adult traffic

Although it's good that they offer other traffic categories, the traffic volume is a bit disappointing.

Conclusion about ExoClick

It’s undeniable that Exoclick has a lot of traffic, especially in the adult category. It’s great to play around with such vast traffic, but make sure you know how to control your expenditures, as your initial deposit can burn out really fast without seeing any profit.

If you already have experience promoting offers via display in adult websites, then ExoClick is a great way to scale. I would say this adult network is great for intermediate to pro affiliates; beginners should tread lightly though.

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