When it comes to adult traffic, Juicy Ads is arguably one of the biggest in the market. Having received more than 20 awards, you can really say that they are the “sexiest” ad network as they claim to be. But is their traffic as sexy? Can their traffic produce “juicy” results for advertisers?


JuicyAds Ad Formats

There are two formats to choose from in JuicyAds, and these are Pop-Unders and Banner Ads. With Banner Ads, you can choose between CPC and CPM. If you already have proven banners that deliver clicks, it would be advisable to go for CPM in order to lower your costs.

Keep in mind that not all ad placements or zones allow animated images. Some don’t even allow adult offers! There are general websites in their inventory after all.

What I Like about JuicyAds

Minimal Bot Traffic
One of the biggest fears of affiliates when promoting offers using adult traffic is that they’ll receive fake or bot traffic. I was pretty worried about this myself. I fear that not only will I be paying for non-human traffic, but I would also risk getting banned from the offer, or worse, from the affiliate network I work with!

Thankfully though, this never happened with Juicy Ads. Their Anti-Fraud system prevents this from happening. Although I can’t say there is absolutely no bots, I can safely say that it is very minimal.


Ability to Choose Where to Advertise
Unlike other traffic networks where you have no choice where your ads appear, JuicyAds allows you not only to narrow down to your niche but to choose the exact website where your ads will be shown. You can concentrate your choices based on the following:
  • Alexa Rating
  • Content Rating – you can choose between softcore, hardcore, non-nude, and non-adult (general) websites.
  • Niche
  • Amount of Daily Impressions
  • Amount of Daily Clicks
  • Website Type – this includes blogs, forums, dating sites, gaming sites and more.
And when you have narrowed down the list, you can choose among the results which website to advertise in. Once you click on the website, you can further choose where to display your ad on the site itself by choosing the zone and banner type (leaderboard, skyscraper, etc.). I love that I have control over this and that this information is not hidden in code IDs like other networks. At the very least, you know your ad will not show up in places you wouldn’t want it to.

Of course, if you don’t know where to advertise yet, you can always choose Run of Network traffic. You can then choose the best websites and ad format combination based on the results of your campaign. However, keep in mind that RON traffic is basically “filler” traffic. Your ad will show on places that no other advertisers would buy, so you’d have to manage your expectations.

What I Don’t Like about JuicyAds

JuicyAds is basically a direct-buy platform. The prices are set based on increments of seven days, 14 days, or 30 days. While this is good, it also means you would be stuck with the website and ad type for the duration of your purchase. You don’t have full control over it.

What if you purchase a 30-day run on a website and ad format, and halfway through you realize it’s not working for you? Ad placements are prepaid, and you are required to pay whether or not your ad reaches the expected impressions and ad clicks as estimated. In short, results are not guaranteed. I wish they would have a 24-hour increment at the very least.

My only solution to this is before I run any type of campaign, I make sure to look into the websites’ buyer ratings. Then I start with just the shortest campaign run of seven days. If the campaign is profitable, great! I’ll go for the longer increment next. If not, I move on.

All in all, my experience with JuicyAds is good. It is definitely an adult traffic source I would continue using because it has so far given me “juicy” results.

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