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If you’re diving into the world of the mVAS marketing, you know that the right landing page can make or break your campaign. But with so many types of traffic out there, how do you know which landing page is the perfect fit? 🤔 Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! In this post, we’ll analyse the top categories of landing pages tailored for different types of traffic in the mVAS marketing landscape. Let’s unlock the secrets to success together! 🚀

⚡Authorization landings

These landing pages are good choice for sources like Google Display, Facebook, in-app ads, TikTok, content locking, push notifications, and pop-ups. They focus on enticing users to authenticate or sign up, offering a seamless experience to convert visitors into leads or customers.


⚡Download landings

Perfect for traffic sources like Facebook, TikTok, push notifications, pop-ups, and Google Display. These pages are designed to drive downloads of apps, games, video, or digital products. They highlight the benefits and features of the download, encouraging users to take action and install.


⚡Games landings

Catering to in-app ads and banners, games landing pages are visually engaging and interactive. They showcase gameplay, graphics, and rewards to capture the attention of gaming enthusiasts and drive downloads or in-game purchases.


⚡️WhatsApp landings

Targeting traffic from push notifications, Google Display, and banners. WhatsApp landing pages focus on promoting WhatsApp-related services, stickers or wallpapers. They aim to drive engagement and conversions within the WhatsApp ecosystem.



Ideal for traffic sources like Facebook, TikTok, push notifications, and Bigo, sweepstakes landing pages create excitement and urgency around giveaways or contests. They encourage users to participate by providing their information or taking specific actions to enter.


⚡️Antivirus landings

Tailored for push notifications and banners, antivirus landing pages emphasize security, protection, and trustworthiness. They highlight the benefits of the antivirus software and reassure users about the safety of their devices.The best sources for it: push notifications, pop-ups and banners.


By understanding the unique characteristics of each type of traffic and aligning your landing pages accordingly, you can maximize your campaign’s effectiveness and drive better results. Remember, the key is to create a seamless and compelling user experience that resonates with your audience and encourages action. So, choose your landing pages wisely and watch your mVAS marketing efforts soar to new heights! 📈✨
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