Mobile subscriptions: run ads or not?​

"Of course launch! If you know the nuances, even in 2022 you can enjoy high ROI and profits," will answer you Sofiia, one of the elders of Dragons, who was at the beginning of the development of this vertical at Affiliate Dragons.

Let's fly!


Mobile subscriptions are one of the verticals in affiliate marketing, with the mechanics of periodically charging the user's mobile account.

Why is this a promising direction?
Mobile subscriptions are presented in almost all geo, when the number of mobile users is growing and growing.

“You will agree that sending an SMS is easier than linking a credit card!” — The Dragon hints

Why is this a profitable direction?
You can get the first results on small budgets, which allows you to find working bundles in a short time and get the first profit, and then - to engage in optimization and scaling.

By the way, the essence will be the same, no matter what you call this vertical:
  • Mobile Subscriptions (MVAS)
  • Mobile Content Offers
  • Mobile Offers
  • WAP-click
  • Operator subscriptions

Flying further - there are different flow of mobile subscriptions:​


  • 1click
    -> the user clicked the button on the landing page
    -> his account was charged
    -> conversion
  • 2click
    -> the user presses twice
    -> his account is charged
    -> conversion
  • MO (payment for outgoing SMS)
    -> user enters his phone number
    -> receives SMS
    -> confirms by replying to the SMS
    -> conversion
  • click2sms
    -> the user clicks on the banner
    -> opens the SMS application with the information already filled in
    -> confirms by pressing the "Send" button
    -> conversion
    -> the user number is automatically determined by the mobile operator
    -> the user confirms by pressing the "Send" button
    -> conversion
    MT (payment for incoming SMS)
  • MT flow
    -> user enters his phone number
    -> receives a code
    -> enters this code on the site
    -> conversion
  • MT MSISDN flow
    -> the user number is automatically determined by the mobile operator and the user receives a pin code
    -> enters this pin code on the site
    -> conversion
What topics for the mobile subscription vertical are most profitable?

  • Dating (the most popular theme)

Run as any other dating offer - with push:

-> put a girl on the banner "Mia is looking for friends tonight!"
-> add a prelanding to warm up
-> after the prelanding the user clicks on the offer (or enters a phone number if the flow is more complicated) - the subscription is done, the conversion is yours

  • Sweepstakes

The user will ALWAYS wait for a miracle, dream of winning an iPhone, getting a free gift, etc.

-> push-creative "You can win Iphone 13!"
-> prelanding questionnaire \ wheel \ boxes
-> user has to enter a number or click on a button
-> conversion

  • Antivirus approach

With the push-creative and prelanding, the user is warned to clean the phone or optimize the battery to avoid viruses and protect all data.

-> push-creative "You may have a virus!"
-> prelanding with a suggestion to clean the phone from viruses

We won't skip the services, because not many people talk about them, but a lot of people use them.
Just a few years ago, a user did not receive any services after he subscribed, and the question arose - why are we driving traffic through a lot of funnels, and what does the user get for subscribing?

Today's services are news, games, apps, courses, TV shows, streams... Often, content after subscription without ads.

"The perfect funnel doesn't just lead to a subscription, it leads to the user getting real content that's enjoyable and hooked with usefulness." - Sofiia emphasizes.

What kind of traffic would work on the approaches above?

  • Facebook
  • Google
  • TikTok
  • UAC
  • Push
  • Pop
So, for mobile subscriptions, definitely - run ads!
You can make big cases with big budgets, and it's clear why: a huge audience, easy flow and a large selection of offers.

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