How many times has push traffic been predicted to die, but it still converts? A case based only on real facts.

Today, our hero decided to re-launch ads for mobile offers after storms through various verticals. And these are the results he got!

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  • One of the top geo in the affiliate network was selected.
  • An offer with a landing page "WhatsApp Update".
  • $0.8 (the payout on the offer is not large).
  • Click2sms flow with the prefix OTP (one time payment).
Explanatory team
A small amount is charged to the user once and no longer charges. The amount is small, which means it is more likely that the user will have it and the conversion is higher. Affiliate Dragons explains all this math, of course. It just has to trust the professionals and launch the traffic!

  • Bid $0,009 в Propeller Ads
  • Bid $0,008 в

  • Orange, Telecom, Vodafone
  • Connection type 3g\LTE
  • Mobile


Weekly results
  • Launch period 25.04.2022-30.04.2022

Results in the Affiliate Network

What about the promo?
As long as the offer is running, it is inappropriate to show the promo in full, but especially for you hint - who in the theme, that will understand.

  • Landing page with a design as close to WhatsApp (it is important to use not the original logo, so that there were fewer questions in moderation).

  • Creatives with a message icon.

  • Text in the style of "you have a message - update the application".
  • Prelanders in the style of WhatsApp (slightly modified to pass moderation in the advertising networks).

Some will say that the payments are not exorbitant .... BUT!

As for five days of advertising, the result is good. Need to continue the tests, try to connect more ads networks, and maybe start pops traffic.

Let's finish with the affirmation

Run the traffic, try different offers and geo, do not be afraid of tests and will profit!

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