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Zeropark Pops and Redirects
Zeropark is a very popular PPV traffic source with a ton of pop and domain redirect traffic.

Their self-serve platform makes it really easy to optimize your affiliate marketing campaigns and their claim on their homepage that they have TRAFFIC THAT CONVERTS seems true.

Zeropark has 2 PPV ad formats:

✅ Domain - domain redirects
✅ Premium PPV - full-page pops

You can run Keyword and RON (run of network) campaigns with both PPV ad formats. Once you find converting keywords, sources, or targets, you can create campaigns for those specific variables. This makes Zeropark one of the best platforms to run optimized affiliate marketing campaigns. The amount of traffic they have is really impressive too. So, once you do get something optimized, there is plenty of room to scale that affiliate campaign.

With Zeropark pops and redirects, you can run most different types of CPA offers. They even allow download offers as long as it's not malware.

The Zeropark minimum deposit is $200. If you are running campaigns on other PPV traffic sources that are converting, you should definitely try them on Zeropark!

You may also want to check out Zeropark's push notification traffic.

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  • Omar
  • 5.00 star(s)
i like the support, the interface, the traffic volume, the Voluum tracking intergration and many more.

the support try to help me to make the maximum profit from their traffic.
it's easy to manage your campaigns, i had many successful campaigns there the problem is i always choose small Geos so it's not easy to scale.
i recommend this Ad Network

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