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Zeropark Pops and Redirects
At a time when many PPV traffic providers closed down, Zeropark was among the few that remained and reigned. They haven’t slowed down since then. Established in 2011, it is now one of the biggest pop and redirect traffic provider in the industry.

Zeropark redirects are also called zero click traffic, which means when the user lands on the page (typically a misspelled domain of a different website), he will not have to do anything and the page will redirect automatically to the advertiser’s page.

Zeropark Pops and Redirects Features

Large Traffic Volume
Zeropark is currently the biggest pop traffic provider, with more than 72 billion pops per month, and almost two billions domain redirects per month.

Traffic Estimator
To estimate how much traffic you can potentially receive for your campaigns, you can check their traffic estimator, which not only lists the amount of traffic per country, but also the minimum CPC suggested by Zeropark. It also displays popular keywords, sources (in codes) and their corresponding volumes.

Robust Targeting Options
Zeropark has one of the best targeting options in the industry. Not only can you target via geo, device type, browser version, and other common targeting options, but also keywords. Plus if you already have a list of sources that you know would work for your campaign, you can target just those, too.

Advanced Anti-Fraud Solution
Zeropark domain traffic and pops have minimal bot traffic as they use an advanced anti-fraud solution. They tackle fraud in three ways:
  • Compliance vetting - Zeropark manually checks each publisher for compliance. Even if the website is approved and starts showing ads from Zeropark, they still check back regularly to make sure the publisher doesn’t employ any way to cheat the ads to boost impressions and clicks.
  • Automatic detection - They employ what is called Honeypot technology, which attracts bot traffic. The more bot traffic they get, the more they are able to analyze this bot traffic, find the source and stop anyone who is using it to artificially inflate their volume.
  • Third-party solutions - Aside from combining advertising inventory with third-party providers, they also work with them to fight ad fraud. Before the traffic becomes part of their inventory, it first goes through their filtering tools, so that bots are stopped before they even enter.
Smart eCPA
Zeropark’s Smart eCPA allows you to set the value of every conversion for you, and it automatically optimizes your campaign based on this value. The tool will use machine-learning to analyze up to 16 data points and determine which traffic would work best for you to get acquisitions at the value you set, maybe even lower. Zeropark Pops are said to have a 75% success rate.

Zeropark Redirects Payment Options

There are four ways to top up your accounts, and these are:
  • Credit Card – includes a 2% transaction fee, minimum of $200
  • Webmoney – includes a 2% transaction, minimum of $200
  • PayPal – includes a 4% transaction fee, minimum of $200
  • Bank Transfer – doesn’t have any transaction fee, but has a minimum of $1,000
Keep in mind that if you intend to use PayPal, your account name and email address must match your PayPal account name and email.

Creating an account and getting approved in Zeropark is easy; just make sure that you are as honest as you can with your application. Zeropark also has push notification traffic in their self-service platform, which you can utilize as well once you get approved.

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  • Aptfxer
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Fast approval, nice interface, plenty of traffic and some lovely conversions. I emailed Tomasz and got my signup bonus double quick time.

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