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UPDATE: Zeropark no longer sells push traffic.

If you are looking for an ad type that has virtually zero bots and have high engagement rate, choose push notification ads. Push ads are served in the form of native notifications in the user's device.

If you want to run such ads, the best place to start is at a well-known traffic source; Zeropark, for instance.

Zeropark Push Ads Features

High Quality Traffic
In order for a user to receive push notifications on his device, he must first "Allow" the app or website to do so. This then guarantees that the clicks you receive are 100% human and have been accepted by the users.

Unparalleled Reach
The reach of push ads is said to be 300 million all over the world. This includes all major browsers, all of the most popular operating systems, all types of devices, and the major carriers. With this, you can be assured that your offer will be displayed to your target market.

Extraordinary Performance
This type of ad requires the user to take action, which is either to close the ad or click on it to view more, which means the user really sees your ad. Having highly engaged users is why the click-thru rates here are higher than other traffic types. If you create push ad creatives the right way, you are sure to profit from Zeropark Push Ads.

Unparalleled Ad Visibility
Even if the user is not browsing the website they have opted in to, they will still receive the notification. There is no need for them to be browsing the internet to be able to view your ad. And the ad won't go away even hours after it has been delivered, until the user closes it or click on it.

Advanced Customization Options
Since testing ad copy and image combinations is a very crucial part of promoting an offer, Zeropark allows you to split-test these in one campaign. You can create up to 10 ad creative combinations, which will be evenly distributed so you can effectively see which creative works best for the offer you are promoting.

Zeropark Push Ads Payment

With push ads in Zeropark, you only get charged per click. The minimum CPC is $0.005. The price depends on the location, of course.

There are various ways to add funds to your account. Each option has its own minimum top-up requirement and service fees attached to it. These are as follows:
  • PayPal - has a minimum of $200 per transaction, with an additional 4% service charge. PayPal payments are limited to $5,000 per month. You can have this limit increased by getting in touch with your account manager.
  • Paxum - this works similarly to bank transfer in the sense that the money will be sent manually. The service charge is only $1 per transaction, but would require getting in touch with the payments department of Zeropark to process.
  • Wire transfer - has a minimum of $1,000 per transaction, free of charge.
  • Credit card - has a minimum of $300 on the first charge. Zeropark accepts all major credit cards.
  • Webmoney - similar to Paypal, Webmoney payments are limited to $5,000 per month. This can be increased, as usual, by discussing with your account manager. Webmoney's service charge is 2%, which will be added to your top-up payments.

Zeropark Bonus

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Compared to other trafficnetworks it is much harder to make this traffic profitable. I asked me sometimes if this really is pushtraffic.

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