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Zeropark Push
Zeropark is known for it's pop and domain redirect traffic, but they also sell push notification traffic with their self-serve platform.

Just like with pop and domain redirect campaigns, you can setup optimized Source and Target campaigns within Zeropark. So, once you have a RON campaign going and you see profitable Sources and Targets, you can setup a separate campaign targeting just those specific Sources and Targets.

You can also split test up to 10 different creatives on your campaigns!

Zeropark sells their push notification traffic on a CPC and have a minimum deposit of $200.

If you like Zeropark's push traffic, you may also want to check out their pop and domain redirect traffic.

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  • Luke
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I am a huge fan of Zeropark and I love the addition of push notification traffic to their ad platform.

Zeropark's ad platform is one of the best and most easy to optimize. Being able to setup source/target optimized push notification campaigns is awesome.

I'm looking forward to testing many new affiliate marketing campaigns on Zeropark this year and will be testing their push traffic as much as possible!

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