Why are Antiviruses and VPNs so relevant? The target audience of this vertical is quite broad and it’s hard to divide it into segments or groups, so let’s figure out what exactly attracts customers to such offers.

Antiviruses are relevant for several reasons:

  • The widespread distribution of malware, which can infect a user’s device even without their knowledge, just by clicking on a link.
  • Risks when downloading free applications: Users face risks when downloading any free programs. This especially refers to entertainment segments such as games, movies, and PC applications.
  • Considering that many people store their passwords, credit card information, and other confidential data on their devices, ensuring reliable protection becomes critically important.

VPNs have become particularly relevant recently due to a number of reasons:

  • Bypassing geographical blocks: Many people use VPNs to access content that is not available in their regions.
  • Online anonymity: VPNs hide the user’s real IP address, providing anonymity and protecting their online privacy.

How to Choose an Offer in This Niche

Offers with low CPI payouts are most often suitable for beginners who want to gain experience and start with simpler options.

Offers with CPS and RevShare payouts may be more difficult to convert due to the need for the user to pay for the subscription, but the payouts are higher. RevShare offers can promise payouts of up to 100% of the revenue per subscriber, but payout terms are usually limited to one month.

For long-term profit, it is better to choose offers with a payout of 30-50% of the total customer income during his time using the service. Such customers can bring more revenue in the future.

You can turn to us for the best offers in the antivirus, VPN, extensions, and software niches! We will also share converting bundles, up-to-date creatives, and landing pages.

Here are a few examples of TOP offers:


Which ad formats work best in these niches?​

  1. Pop and push ads: An aggressive format that requires a creative approach. It is one of the cheapest ones but provides good conversion rates. The key is to have a high quality landing page that engages the target audience.
  2. Mobile InApp: Suitable for apps compatible with Android, iOS, and other mobile operating systems. It is important to use push notifications to attract the target audience.
  3. Social media traffic: Also works well for this niche if you choose the right and creative approaches. For example, you can show adult content in creatives and point out in the ad that “By using a VPN service, no one will know what you are watching.”
  4. Mainstream approach: use popular movies, TV shows, games, football matches on creatives, and offer users to download a VPN for free and easy viewing of the content they want.

Let’s look at some current approaches with Push and Pop traffic.

Use system alerts to grab users’ attention and make them think about potential virus threats.

Apply “threats” carefully. Keep in mind that straightforward messages like “Your PC is infected” probably won’t get the attention you want. Instead, consider using messages such as “Check your computer for viruses”. It’s important that your text doesn’t create too much panic, but motivates the potential customer to check their system.




Another effective method of promoting antivirus software is to offer users a discount on the product. Often, the company’s name or logo is used in advertising materials to build trust in the brand.


Prelander Design​

Risk Notification + Offer: it is not necessary to create a complex landing page with many images. Sometimes, simply placing text to warn the user about the potential threats associated with ignoring security measures is enough.




Danger/Warning: a more aggressive approach, using dark and red colors, images of danger symbols, and OS screens. Users are warned about potential threats to their device and possible negative consequences.




The demand for antivirus, VPN's and other software will only grow in the future, and this is a promising niche with high payouts, so you can start testing it right now. We are ready to help all newbies and seasoned affiliates with the selection of offers and bundles: we have a lot of exclusive information that we will gladly share with you. Try, test and make a profit with 2×2 Media!

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