Zeydoo - Finance Survey - How to Improve Quality?

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Aug 16, 2018
I have been testing Zeydoo's Android Finance Survey offer (ID 2025) this week and got positive results straight away in a day!
Spend: ~$330
Direct Revenue: ~$400

1. Tried 4 goes - (2) Asia and (2) Africa - The countries are in top 10 goes recommended by my AM
2. PropellerAds Direct Click traffic on CPA bidding
3. Using a mixture of Spin the Wheel, GiftBox, Survey Prelanders

I stopped traffic yesterday to get the quality check and my AM today said that the quality is not very good and the advertiser may drop the rates significantly. I, unfortunately, wasn't passing the ZoneIDs in Zeydoo's URL so there's no way for them to give optimization suggestions from their end. I have made the changes now though.

With prelanders being used, and these offers are being run for years now with big affiliates, I didn't expect the quality to be low.

I have been given $100 cap more per geo to test.

Not sure about what I'm doing wrong, and wanting to continue running these offers, I have some quick questions from people running them:
1. I see people direct linking these offers - does this improve
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