Adsterra Follow Along Contest - $9500 in Prizes! #ADSTERRAx2

Congratulations and thank you to all πŸ™πŸ»

+$250 will be added to your Adsterra balance if you use Smart CPM, CPA Goal or Social Bar (see below).

+$250 will be added to your Adsterra balance if you use the special offers (see below). Please inform your manager that you are participating in the affLIFT Contest when applying for your offers.

You can earn an extra $250 on top of your winner’s prize by doing either of these things! This bonus amount will be credited to your Adsterra balance. This is optional and does not affect your eligibility as a participant:
May I know what is the update on this?
In my both FA I've fulfilled requirements of both : price bidding model(social bar) and promoted an offer from the special offers list provided in the thread.

My friends at @Adsterra and @Adsterra CPA Network will be reaching out to all of you over the next few days to get your address so they can send you merchandise :D
Galaksion Contest
Congrats to the winners!
received my prize money thanks although PP took a nice slice for themselves :(
I received my special lucky bonus as well, thanks to all!



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