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Follow Along Sweepstakes Follow Along - Golden Goose + ProPush + Zeydoo + PropellerAds (New Year 2023 contest) - Attempt 2



Super Contributor
Nov 3, 2022
💎 Traffic Source: PropellerAds
🔧 Tracking Tool: BeMob
✅ Affiliate Network: Golden Goose + Zeydoo + ProPush
👍 Type of Offer: Sweepstakes
💰 Offer Payout: $2
⭐ Geos: Europe
🎯 Goal: Practice optimization and stay in green
🏆 I believe this Challenge will be successful because: The campaigns worked decent in the past but I want to focus on one traffic mode and learn how to optimize it to get in positive ROI

This is my second attempt of the same offer. I've made some changes though.
1) Included partner traffic
2) Changed CPA Goal amount
3) Made minor changed in landing page

My last campaign was in December - the month of holidays so I believe CPC
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