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Follow Along Survey Pop Intermediate Guide - Let's make the money rain



Super Contributor
Nov 24, 2019
Since a lot of members in Afflift make a FA for them, so I think maybe I should jump in too :p

I was supposed to create a FA since Tuesday when I saw @agentf 's FA, I love competition lol... but then some Covid-19 cases appeared in my place so I have to help doctors take care of them. Luckily I'm still negative

Ok, enough chit chat, let's get to work.


Step 1+2: Done

Step 3: This time I will use Peerlick as my tracker since they have very good deal for Afflift members which you can find it here.

First, log in to your account in Peerclick and click on Sources, in Search box type PropellerAds, and Add:


Then you got this


Before clicking Create traffic source, go into you PropellerAds account:
  1. Navigate to the Tracking page.
  2. Select PeerClick as your tracker.
  3. Copy the S2S Postback URL and paste to Traffic Source postback URL in your Peerclick traffic source template for PropellerAds (see above screenshot). But be careful, since PropellerAds is not fully updated for all tracker, there is 1 thing you may miss out. This:


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