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Step 2 - Create PopAds Account



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Apr 17, 2018
Create PopAds Account and Deposit $10

PopAds is a pop traffic source that has been around a long time. You can buy millions of pop advertisements per day from them. They have a very easy to use interface, good traffic, and a low minimum deposit. They’re perfect for a beginner affiliate!

You can find more information about PopAds on affLIFT in our article here:

PopAds is free to sign up to. You can sign up here:

✅ https://afflift.link/popads

Once you register, you can go ahead and deposit the $10 we will use to run your first campaign. Under Account Manager on the left, click on Billing and you will see the deposit options. I use PayPal, but you can also deposit with a credit card and a few other options.

Now that your PopAds account is setup, let’s go ahead and setup your BeMob tracker.

(I know these first few steps feel mundane, but they're necessary to the process and things are going to get a LOT more interesting soon!) :)

NEXT: Step 3 - Setup BeMob Account
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