Guide SpyCombo .. Spytools by SpyPush , Do they Worth Testing !!!


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Apr 9, 2019
Researching with spytools is one of my enjoyable tasks, and once spypush announced their new tool I have checked it and for sure I enjoyed it.

At first, they have a very good free tier, it will give you a great chance to explore a lot of ads, with limited functionality on filters but I think they are allowing the full database (y) (y)

Let's explore the first tool, "The oldest one " Spy Push..

Take in consideration I will compare it to the main push spy tools

Database. I have counted over 450.000 ads "not campaigns"

Nothing new in their Filters except Activity Filter that happens to be very beneficial if it's working accurately this is the most features that can differentiate spypush from other spytools

For the creatives part, download icons and images are easy with buttons

And similar creative option in each campaign is very beneficial

For each ad, there is First shown date and the last shown date. with the activity option of ads .. will give right data when analyzing ads "campaigns"

Redirect chain. Part.. good in revealing each redirect chain Ad network with country. so it's in the middle between "AdPlexity "show every redirect chain " and
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