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Running out of ideas on how to advertise a certain offer so you can finally profit from your campaigns? Wondering why other affiliates are killing it and you're not? One of the ways to solve this problem is to spy on your competitors the smart way. SpyPush can help you there.

Affiliate marketing is a competitive field, but with Spypush, you can finally spy on your competitors’ ads to make sure that their strategies aren't outsmarting yours.


SpyPush Features and Benefits​

The company is fairly new in the industry. They started out as a spy tool for push, but they eventually branched out. Currently, this tool collects the ads from the following traffic types:
  • Push notification ads - ads are collected from nine push ads networks, namely, PropellerAds, RichAds, ClickStar, Push.House, Adsterra, Trending Bid, AdMaven, Daopush, and Evadav.
  • Pop ads - ads are collected from eight networks, which are Propellerads, Exoclick, Adsterra, Popcash, EroAdvertising, Trafficjunky, Popads, and AdMaven
  • Native ads - ads are sourced from seven native ad platforms, including Adblade, Adnow, MGID, Taboola, Revcontent, Adskeeper, and Outbrain.
  • Adult ads - Spypush currently gathers ads from five ad networks, namely Exoclick, Juicyads, TrafficStars, Trafficjunky, EroAdvertising, and TrafficFactory.

Multiple Filters​

Aside from narrowing down based on the ad network, marketers can search for specific ads based on the following filters:
  • Country - 95 countries are covered by all spy tools
  • Languages - this is based on the language of the landing page. The native ads spy tool has a language filter for both ad creative and landing page.
  • Device Types - desktop or mobile
  • Keywords - this narrows down the ads based on words that appear on the ad creative.
  • URL - this displays the creatives that use your indicated domain or URL.
  • Activity - active or inactive ads.
  • Operating System - this is available for native ads, pop ads, and adult ads.
  • Format - this is only available in the adult spy tool; the choices include native ads, banner ads, and various banner ad sizes.
  • Tracker - this narrows down ads based on the tracker being used. There are eight trackers to choose from, including AdsBridge, BeMob, Binom, FunnelFlux, PeerClick, Pixelk, ThriveTracker, and Voluum.

One-Click Download​

If you find any landing page that you want to test out for yourself, there won't be any need to create a similar one from scratch. SpyPush allows users to download any of the landing pages they have collected as easy as one click.

Spypush ads
🚀 Check out our Spypush review for more information on how it works!

Add to Favorites​

Once you find interesting ads, you can add them to your favorites and continue your search without leaving the current page. This saves the ad to the Favorites folder, allowing you to view it again any time.

SpyPush Pricing Plans and Payment Options​

There are five paid plans available for monthly subscriptions. These are:
Available payment options include credit or debit card, PayPal, real-time bank transfer, wire transfer, and via purchase order.

If you want to test the tool out for yourself before subscribing, you can sign up for the trial version, which allows you to view ads but has limited functionality.

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I had a really bad experience with them. First they did not mention that there's no landing pages in Spypush but a LP ripper only with creatives. So the day after on April 17 I wrote about the issue no response, I contact them on Telegram the same day no response again. And I called customer service of Paypro Global to cancel my subscription and to refunded me but the second option was never done. If you have no choice and really want LP use their Spypop only.

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