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Undoubtedly, push notification is one of the hottest affiliate marketing sources of traffic today. If you’d like to quickly and easily succeed with this source, you need to know who’s running what and where, which offers are running the longest, and what creatives are working best. In short, you need a spy tool. Look no further, SpyPush is here.

Spypush is the first ever push notifications ads spy tool that has an inventory of over 1,000,000 ads from more than 140 countries. They update their inventory daily, adding at least 10,000 new push notification ads and updating old ones.


SpyPush Features

Biggest Push Notifications Ads Networks
SpyPush holds ad inventory from six push notification ads providers, most of which are members here at affLIFT. The networks are:
They are planning to add more in the coming months. You can filter the push ads you view based on the traffic network. This also helps in understanding the type of push notification ad creatives the traffic source permits.

Keyword Filter
Easily find ads based on specific keywords. SpyPush also allows you to use keywords in a foreign language.

Geo Filter
With ads spanning 140 countries, you can filter based on your target country to narrow down your search.

Language filter
Whether you want to display ads in the native language or in any other language available, you can do so with the language filter. The filter automatically adjusts available language based on the country you have chosen in the geo filter.

Type filter
You can choose to show creatives targeting only desktop or mobile, although by default the results will show you both.

Date First Show and Days Running
SpyPush allows you to rearrange the results based on when the ad was first launched, which can indicate its current relevance. You can also see first which ads have been running the longest, which is a good indicator of the ad and offer’s success.

Activity Filter
You can opt to find push notification ads that are either currently active or inactive. To find what is profitable and active right now, it would be best to use the active ads filter then arrange the results based on the number of days it has been running.

Popularity Filter
Ad impression is another important factor in push notification ads, which is why you can also rearrange the results in Spy Push by showing the most popular ads first. The results at the top are the ones that currently receive or have received the most number of impressions in the inventory.

One-Click Creatives Download
Aside from viewing the creatives that are running, you can also download both icon and banner image with one click.

SpyPush Pricing

This spy tool is priced at $49 per month. If you’d like to see how it works, you can try it for free for 24 hours. However, this free trial is limited to five countries only, namely France, Germany, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam.

SpyPush Promo Code

AffLIFT members are in luck as SpyPush is giving a discount exclusive to the community. Just use the coupon code lift15v2 and you’ll get 15% off your first payment.

Latest Rating

As a beginner affiliate, I've been looking at different spytools but ultimately decided to go with this one. Mainly because of the competitive price. Compared to other more expensive spytools, it might not have as much ads or networks, but it's definately worth investing into especially if your a beginner to get an idea of what others are doing. Plus, although they don't have as much networks, it still has some big networks such as PropellarAds which was the main source I was trying to spy on ;)

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