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Trackers are abounding nowadays. The more visits you are allowed and the more features you have access to, the more expensive it gets.

But if you are just starting out and are looking into trackers that provide enough features at a price you can afford, AdsBridge is a good option.

AdsBridge Features

Multi-user Access
If you have a team that you rely on for creating campaigns, adjusting ads, editing landing pages, creating reports, and other tasks, then you would need multi-user access. Each user can have unique access that you establish when setting up the user. This way, you can limit what each person can do with your account.

Traffic Distribution System
If you want your campaigns to be more effective, you should be able to send the user to the offer that he or she has the best chance of responding to. This could be by directing him or her to an offer based on the location, ISP, carrier, device, language, and more. Instead of creating multiple campaigns for every single filter, you can use the traffic distribution system (TDS) to split the traffic and direct each user to the best offer based on its attributes.

The main parameters that you can make use of in the TDS are:
  • Country
  • City, State or Region
  • Language
  • Type of Traffic
  • IP Address
  • OS
  • Browser
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Mobile Carrier
  • Connection Type
  • Device Type, manufacturer, and model
  • Referrer
  • Time and Date
  • Sub-ID
  • User-agent
  • Uniqueness
Setting up the TDS can be done on the second stage of campaign creation, where you can create rules. Although it will admittedly take more time in creating a campaign and adjusting the TDS, it will prove to be more profitable and easier to optimize in the long run.

Flows and Split Paths
In order to use the Traffic Distribution System to its fullest potential, Ads Bridge tracking system created the ability to create multiple flows and split paths per campaign. You can direct each user to a specific route based on his attributes, coupled with his actions on each part of the path.

✅ Split Paths
Affiliates can set up an infinite number of rules for a user to go to a specific path. If the user does not fit at least one of the rules set, he or she will be sent to a different path or the default path (whichever you prefer).

This helps affiliates hyper-target their market and ensure that their leads or conversions are of the highest quality.

✅ Flows
The difference between flows and split paths is that you set-up a flow if you want to use the same rules for multiple campaigns, especially when using several traffic types for own campaign. Separating campaigns per traffic method allows you to optimize your methods and ad spend. But if you want the same rules for all of them but don’t want to repeat the campaign creation process over and over again, you create a flow.

Accurate Statistics with User-Friendly Interface
Interpreting the results of your campaigns is one of the hardest tasks that newbie affiliates need to undertake. With AdsBridge, your learning curve need not be as steep as they have a user-friendly interface. You can filter the reports and display parameters that matter to you.

Aside from that, you can be assured that the data and statistics you receive are accurate and up to date.

The four major reporting sections of AdsBridge are:
  1. Global report - this allows you to see a summarized performance of all your campaigns.
  2. Conversion report - this shows you the detailed statistics of your conversions for every campaign of your choice. You can filter them further with whatever attributes you want.
  3. Manage reports - this is where you can create reporting templates to make it easier for you to view your statistics whenever you log in. In this manner, you don’t have to choose and adjust every single attribute every time you want to view your data.
  4. Edit conversions - this section allows you to upload and update conversions. This is useful especially if not all your conversions pass the correct sub IDs or are recognized in the system. If some of your conversions are not showing the correct payout, updating them would help give you more accurate findings.

If you want to create your own CPA network, you can easily do so with AdsBridge tracking system. All you need to do is upload your offers manually or via CSV. The admin will confirm the offers and once they are approved, the links will become active and ready for use.

You will be able to view each affiliate’s performance, check your income and release payments in one platform. If you encounter any technical issues, AdsBridge’s tech team will be there to provide assistance.

AdsBridge Plans

There are 6 pricing plan levels available for AdsBridge and these are:
  1. Starter - this level is worth $29 a month for 100,000 visits. Users are also entitled to five landing pages and three custom domains. All features are available except for custom notification, campaign auto-optimization, and multi-user access.
  2. Professional - for $89 monthly, this plan includes one million visits and all available features. It also includes unlimited landing pages and unlimited custom domains.
  3. Advanced - for $199 per month, this plan includes everything under Professional level and accepts a total of four million visits.
  4. Business - for $379 per month, this one includes everything under Professional as well, this time with 10 million views.
  5. Agency - worth $499 monthly, this second most expensive plan comes with all features plus 15 million views.
  6. Enterprise - this is the most expensive plan, which is worth $799 on a monthly basis. It allows up to 25 million visits, and of course, all of AdsBridge’s features.
You can subscribe for up to 15% lower than the listed monthly price if you pay annually. Also, depending on your plan, overages are charged for every 1,000 excess visits. You can use credit/debit cards and PayPal to pay for your subscription.

AdsBridge Coupon

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🚀 AdsBridge is a Partner here in our affLIFT community so you can message them (@AdsBridge) and they will provide support right here in our forum!

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I don't prefer it because it is a little bit slow, comparing with voluum or bemob, but they have a very good advantage that you can run camp for free if you would like to send traffic to smartlinks, which is very good for them.

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