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AdsBridge is affiliate tracking software which is used in affiliate marketing, which is a kind of online marketing involving the promotion of products and services with the help of firms you've partnered with. Those partners can draw attention to the products through their own efforts, thereby earning commissions. The affiliate tracking software is specially designed to monitor the results of this kind of marketing, since it is able to track the effectiveness of all those marketing activities used by your affiliates.

How affiliate marketing software works

Every affiliate involved in digital marketing should have affiliate tracking software to help to monitor the productivity of their campaigns, to provide optimization tools, and to effectively manage all your activities. The platform which is used for your affiliate marketing can provide you with a whole catalog of opportunities, such as the direct monitoring of traffic, and how it gets optimized and distributed according to your plans.

With a good affiliate marketing tracker, you can conduct A/B tests on your campaigns, you can filter out Bot traffic, and you can have visibility into all traffic, so it can be optimized and analyzed. The affiliate marketing software that you choose should depend on what the goals and objectives are in your marketing campaigns, but AdsBridge is a platform which almost all marketing teams can use to great effect.

Why AdsBridge should be your affiliate marketing software choice

AdsBridge has purposely been developed with the intention of being useful for all kinds of businesses, with a huge portfolio of tools, and a pricing plan to fit all budgets. Any kind of challenges which are presented in affiliate marketing are handled with ease by AdsBridge. It's sometimes difficult to make important marketing decisions, but AdsBridge provides you with all the information you need to make the most informed decisions possible, and to optimize your marketing efforts. When you choose AdsBridge, you'll be able to directly monitor the quality of all your traffic, and you'll be able to optimize it as well.

AdsBridge pricing

There are a number of pricing plans which AdsBridge offers to its clients, beginning with a free 14-day trial period, during which you can accumulate as many as 50,000 visits. The Professional version costs $89 per month, and allows up to 1 million visits per month, with the surcharge of $.04 per visit over 1 million. The Advanced version of AdsBridge costs $199 per month, which represents a savings of $360 annually, and permits up to 4 million visits every month.

The Business plan for AdsBridge costs $379 per month, and permits up to 10 million visits per month, while the Agency version costs $499 per month and allows 15 million visits per month. At the high end of the pricing schedule is the Enterprise version, which costs $799 per month, representing a savings of $1249 annually, and allowing for up to 25 million visits monthly. There is also an Exclusive version of the software which is issued to customers upon request, who require 50 million visits per month or more, and for pricing on this plan, it will be necessary to contact AdsBridge.

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