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PropellerAds Push Notifications
PropellerAds is well known for it's popunder traffic, but they also have a large inventory of push notification traffic. With a minimum deposit of just $100, PropellerAds is quickly becoming a very popular affiliate traffic source for push notification traffic.

The unique self-serve ad platform they have makes creating and optimizing push ad campaigns very easy.

Pricing models
▶ CPC - pay per click on your push notification ad
▶ CPM - pay per 1,000 push notifications sent with your ad

User activity
One feature that is pretty unique to PropellerAds is their User Activity targeting when creating a new ad campaign.

▶ ALL - targets all users
▶ High - targets users with a higher CTR (more expensive CPC/CPMP)
▶ Medium - targets average users
▶ Low - targets users who are less likely to click your ad (less expensive CPC/CPM)

They have a massive inventory of push notification users and the traffic is pretty cheap. Their awesome self-serve ad platform makes it easy to target and segment users and optimize your campaigns.

Propeller Ads Push Notifications Webinar

Here is a webinar video explaining how and why you should try their push notification traffic!

PropellerAds Coupon

We have an exclusive PropellerAds promo code for new and existing advertisers!

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  • Death
  • 4.00 star(s)
A highly talked about network. They were the first ones I tried push notifications on, I had up to 2.17% CTR without optimization or even touching the campaigns.

PS: Their user targetting is underrated.

Volumes: ★★★★★
Support: ★★★
Rates: ★★★

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