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PropellerAds Push Notifications

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PropellerAds Push Notifications Comments Ratings

PropellerAds Push Notifications
If you want to get a direct line to potential customers, there’s no better ad than push notifications. Push ads are delivered straight to audiences’ eyes and will not be closed without the user’s action. This makes it a hot traffic source in the eyes of advertisers everywhere. Since it is a fairly new type of ad, marketers and affiliates are a bit wary of new traffic providers popping up offering push.

If you are looking for push traffic, go for a traffic provider that is already well known in the industry, such as PropellerAds.

PropellerAds Push Notifications Features

Push Notifications Inventory
PropellerAds currently has over 200 Million active users in its database. With PropellerAds, you can send up to a million messages to their subscribers in a minute! There are no intermediaries (such as publishing website or social media) between your ad and the user. Your ad will appear directly on their device, and they will respond according to their interest. This means they will either close the ad or click on it to go to your website or to download your app.

Automated Ad Optimization
You can set-up a postback so that PropellerAds will also be able to track your conversions. Once they get the data on what type of users convert best for your offer, their automated ad optimization tool can optimize the campaign so that you will get more conversions for your bid and budget.

Fraud Prevention
The great thing about driving push traffic is that there are hardly any bots. Users have opted in to receive ads and notifications so interactions with your ad (such as clicks and views) are 99.99% real people.

Self Service Platform
Setting up your own campaigns is easy and simple via their Self Service platform. Campaign set-up is pretty straightforward. If you have already used PropellerAds before for other traffic types, it’s going to be like a walk in the park for you. The pricing models for push notifications are CPM and CPC.

There are two traffic options:
  • Premium Only – these are traffic from top quality publisher websites who have an active and engaged audience. As such, this requires higher than average bids.
  • All Traffic – this includes all PropellerAds push traffic sources, including direct, premium and third-party/broker traffic. You have the option to disable broker traffic.
If you want to split-test ad creatives, you can do so under one campaign. You can create up to eight creatives per campaign. Each creative requires the following:
  • Title – has a 30 character limit;
  • Description – has a 40 character limit;
  • Icon image – must be 192x192 pixels and maximum of 200kb;
  • Banner Image – must be at least 360x240 pixels, although the recommended size is 720x480 for retina displays. Must be a maximum of 720kb.
If your images go over the recommended size, the platform will prompt you to crop the image. Adding a banner image is not necessary; an icon image alone will suffice, especially if you are targeting only mobiles users.

PropellerAds Coupon

You can get a $50 bonus coupon in PropellerAds if you register now and deposit $200 in your account. If you already have an account with them, you can get a $250 bonus when you deposit $1,000. Just send a direct message to @PropellerAds to request your bonus.

Propeller Ads Push Notifications Webinar

Here is a webinar video explaining how and why you should try their push notification traffic!

🚀 PropellerAds pops are also very popular so make sure to give those a try too.

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Love it. Used Propeller for years. Fast campaign approval, fast and helpful support, and most importantly very good traffic.

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