Guide Spy on others like professional Part 3 "Go beyond Limits "



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Apr 9, 2019
To make this series unique –I'm going to move to the next step

Go beyond limits on your research "spying" for every thing

On any research –either with spy tools- or manually I usually depends on domain names , here I will explain how can I get all possible data from only "known domain name"

One Domain to get them all ;)


1- finding Subdomains for any domain name.
here im going to use Go for subdomain finder "usually free version does all what i need"
Very powerful tool for finding subdomains. you can use it to search for all subdomain connected to specific domain name,
with it
1- i could get all subdomains related to known trackers, like bemob, voluum, kintura , for affiliate that dont use seperate domains with thier tracker,
you need just to get the right domain , it will find you almost all subdomains connected :)
2- i can get all subdomains for landing page "affiliate networks that provide a subdomain for each landing/prelanding " ie: "try searching for
3- get all subdomain for specifc affiliate , using it as a tracker or a vps server
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