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Is Nutra your vertical of choice? There is definitely a lot to love about promoting anything under beauty, weight loss, male enhancement and more. However, it can be difficult to work on this niche with just one affiliate network, especially when the offer you are running suddenly goes offline and you can’t find an alternative. Nutra offers are usually limited in one network, so an affiliate would typically have no choice but to search other networks for either the same offer or at least a replacement.

By now, you might be telling yourself, “oh, if only there’s an affiliate network where I can easily find any offer for my health niche”. Well, you’ll be happy to learn that now, there is. And it comes in the name of dr.cash.

Launched in 2016, dr.cash has already established a name in the affiliate marketing space as the Nutra network. It is your one-stop-shop for anything health-related. To find out if this network is right for you, here are its features.

Dr. Cash Affiliate Network Features

Instant Approval
This CPA network is one of the few that accepts affiliates quickly and without a need for moderation, background check, and interview. Any interested affiliate can simply sign up and he will have access to the dashboard in an instant.

Prime Nutra Offers
Dr.Cash currently holds more than 3,100 Nutra offers from 50 health and beauty niches in their platform. They have offers for 105 countries worldwide, hence affiliates can find products to promote even for lesser-known countries.

Three Types of Conversion Flows

This CPA network utilizes three conversion types for their offers, and these are:

1. Trials
This is the most common conversion type and has been around since forever. Affiliates earn a commission for when a user inputs his or her details and credit card information to receive a product trial. If the user does not cancel after the trial expires, his or her account will be moved to a product subscription, by which the credit card on file will be charged whenever a new batch of the product is shipped. A conversion is counted during sign-up and completion of credit card information.

2. Straight Sales
This is another typical conversion flow, wherein the affiliate earns a fixed payout when the user purchases the product being offered.

3. Cash on Delivery (COD)
With more people getting wary of using their credit cards online, whether for trial or straight sale, this new purchase method has been developed. COD is a very popular payment mode in Asia and wherever people don’t typically use credit cards, which is why it is also a lucrative conversion option. Instead of placing their credit card information, users only need to place their name and contact details (and sometimes the address, too).

Once the form has been completed, the conversion will then be placed on Hold status. This will change into Approved status when the product advertiser confirms the order by calling the user, or when the user has received the product and has paid for it. If the user fails to either confirm the order or declines it upon delivery, the conversion status will become Rejected.

In-House Tracking

Dr. Cash CPA Network’s fast and highly-analytical tracking platform not only allows affiliates to view the status of their conversions, but also provide additional information on the traffic. This includes the clicks, conversions, approval rate, click-thru rate, conversion rate, etcetera, of every lander and pre-lander per offer. Affiliates can also check on their traffic and conversion data based on the device, geo, browser, and operating system.

If this tracking system is not enough, you can always integrate Dr.Cash to your tracking platform in just two clicks.

Promotional Materials
Dr Cash also provides the best performing landers and prelanders for affiliates to use. Each offer can have anywhere between two and thirty pre-landers, and the same number of landing pages to choose from.

If you want to create your own landing pages, some product certificates and other marketing materials are available for download.

Rewards via ToyStore
In February of 2109, Dr.Cash started gifting their affiliates with gadgets, watches and even automobiles for their performance. Getting rewarded is simple: you just need to drive traffic that converts to any offer within the network. For every approved conversion, the affiliate will receive a corresponding number of points, which they call pills. The affiliate can then choose a reward of his liking based on the total number of pills he has.

At the moment, available rewards require the following number of pills:
  • Gears - this includes gaming consoles and massage chairs. Prizes can range from 2,000 to 20,000 pills.
  • Watches - affiliates can choose among Rolex and Omega watches that range from 26,000 to 300,000 pills.
  • Hardware - this set includes phones, speakers and laptops that range from 3,000 to 20,000 pills.
  • Apple - this line includes various Apple products that go between 3,500 to 26,000 pills.
  • Cars - The most expensive line of gifts, affiliates can get Mercedes-Benz automobiles for the price of 120,000 to 610,000 pills.

Dr. Cash Payments

One of the best things about Dr Cash is that they can send payments within the day! Not only that, they also allow affiliates to cash in on their payments twice in one day.

The minimum payout amount is $50. Affiliates can withdraw their earnings via PayPal, Capitalist, ePayment, Paxum, Yandex Money, WebMoney, Qiwi and Wire Transfer.

As previously mentioned, this affiliate network also has the ToyStore wherein you can redeem pills for gadgets, watches and even cars. If you want to get these toys instead of cash, you can convert your earnings to pills and redeem the prize that you are interested in.

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