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Follow Along PropellerAds Pops + Software Download + CPA Goal 2.0 = PROFIT!?!?

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Staff Member
Community Leader
Apr 17, 2018
Since we're doing an awesome content with PropellerAds this month, I thought it made sense to setup a brand new campaign testing a software download offer I am working with a direct advertiser on :D


I setup a campaign a few hours ago under US_Windows_10_Edge with a bunch of different Windows OS and Browsers. I just duplicated it and added in the new versions of Windows and browsers I want to test.

I will be testing more variations, but I am using CPA Goal 2.0 and based off things @jimmyvanilla has said and things I believe @Nick as said as well, I am going to setup my CPA Goal campaigns on PropellerAds to decrease the variables as much as possible.

I will be spending about $500 total on this campaign more than likely testing different OS and browsers, but to start I have these 4 campaigns all setup with a $30 budget just to see how it goes.

My initial testing looked like this in Voluum which is why I am currently focused on those OS versions and browser:


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