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Black Friday 2021 - Affiliate Marketing Deals


We at AdsEmpire want our partners to benefit the most from the Black Friday rush going around. Therefore, we decided to create a contest for a month!

The rules are simple: drive as much traffic as possible during one month starting on November 24th and get prizes - Apple latest products!

TOP-5 performers will receive:

MacBook Pro, iPhone 13 Pro, Apple Watch 7, AirPods Pro, iPad and endless glory!


β€’ All affiliates can participate (no matter how long you are with us);
β€’ All verticals can participate, not only dating;
β€’ All participants need to create a nickname and send it to their managers;
β€’ Traffic performance must meet two criteria: volumes and quality;
β€’ Five winners will be announced on December 24th (maybe later if we need time to check the quality);
β€’ You can receive a monetary reward equivalent to the value of the gift instead of the gift itself.

We have also prepared high paying offers that will lead you to success:

Loveaholics, Askme4date AU $6.60/$6.10
Iamnaughty, Voisinssolitaires CA $3.30/$2.75
Together2night, Juicymeets NZ $4.95/$4.40
Contactosrapidos, Rollosfaciles ES $2.75/$2.75
Upforit, Flirt BE $3.90/$3.30
Flirtsenzalimiti, Soloavventure IT $3.10/$2.75
Koreansex, Matchx2 KO $1.70/$1.50
Fick-flirt, Gibmirsex DE $4.40/$4.40
Wildspank, Gibsmir AU $5.50/$5.00
Findedates, Pimperbook NL $4.40/$3.90
Taiwansex, Igetnaughty TW $2.20/$2.00
Sidechicks US / UK / AU / NZ / CA / IL $2.80/$2.80
Freeflirtz US / UK / AU / NZ / CA $2.40/$2.40
Citasconmujeres ES €2,68/€2.00
Femmesliberees FR €2.70/€2.70
Hotappuntamento IT €2.68/€2.00
Cumdates DE / AT / CH up to €3.04
Matchsniper US / UK / AU / NZ / CA $3.20/$3.20
Flirting2day BE / NL / DE / AT / CH up to €3.64
Hookupdesires US €2.50/€2.50

Chcisexrande CZ $2.60/$2.60
Luogosegreto IT $2.72/$1.84
Hotasianflirts AU / CA / GB / IE / NZ / US / ZA $3.40/$3.40
Friends with benefits AU €4.68/€3.96
Cherrydating Multigeo up to $64.00

Request Offers!

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Yes, you get it right: LeadBit gives exclusive +5% BUMPS FOR ANY 2 GAMBLING OFFERS!

Whether you're a current LeadBit user or planning to sign up, it's your perfect chance to start earning big with LeadBit Black Friday!

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πŸ“Œ Favbet Casino UA
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πŸ“Œ Pokermatch Casino UA | CPA
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Welcome the new major 9 Β½ Weeks competition from 3Snet and top brands!
Top brands are giving prizes, choose their offers in the Hot Promotions category and drive traffic!
Each Advertiser will choose his/her own winner who drives the most amount of traffic by completing all the KPIs!

It goes to the one who drove the largest amount of traffic and earned the most from all of the offers from the 3SNET system during the contest period!
The 3SNET Prize: a trip to one of the locations

  • Lake Baikal (Russia)
  • trip to Cappadocia (Turkey)
  • trip to Morocco!
The results will be announced ahead of New Year 2022. Don’t waste time, because time is money! πŸ’Έ


You can also check out our Promo Codes section, to get even more discountsπŸ”₯
Short announcement!

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For 4 days, starting from November 26 and ending on November 29, CPA.House gives raised payouts to all its partners on any offers. πŸ’°
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πŸ–€ πŸ’« Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021 are here!

Since some months ago, Pop Ads have been available in Pushground, so now we want to reward all of you who are diversifying your traffic formats with a $1750 giveaway!

πŸš€ Run a Pop Ads campaign between November 26th and November 30th, in order to enter the giveaway.

πŸ“Ž You can also double your chances of winning by sharing our Black Friday post in Instagram and Twitter mentioning us!
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The Black November is in full swing. All brands are participating in this Grand Sale of the Year and ClickAdilla is no exception. We have prepared bonuses for all advertisers: for new guys and regulars.

Apply promo code BLACK2021 and get +7% to the first deposit. Minimum amount for replenishment is $100.

Current clients can get additional 5% to the deposit with promocode BackinBlack by replenishing at least $500.

Don’t delay. These coupons are valid until December 1st , 2021


Claim your pack of 30 examples of push notifications for the upcoming holiday season!


Hey, hey, hey, we are finally done with our preparations!
Couldn’t leave you hanging on this year’s Black Friday, so here it goes:

Item #1, or β€œUncommon”
A handful of freshest promo-codes for new advertisers:
MWXVXLY1 $100 after you deposit $300 to your account
RKG3FNYR $150 after you deposit $500 to your account
G8GE7MBN $450 after you deposit $1500 to your account

Item #2, or β€œRare”
This year we decided to go (a bit) above and beyond with our promo-codes.
We are sharing a promo for already registered advertisers!
That’s right, if you are already working with us, then you can get an extra $100 with a $500 deposit!
Here’s the code: YY9WPKKR
Keep in mind, this one is limited, so make sure to not miss a glorious opportunity for profit!

Item #3, or β€œEpic”
As for our CPA, we wanted to share something that can bring you a nice chunk of profit.
Something that will surely work. Something like…
A bunch of Lazada offers available at Adsterra CPA!

Ever tried running E-commerce offers on β€œBlack Friday”? Oh boy, you are in for a treat!
Go ahead and try some of the best converting offers at Adsterra CPA Network!
Aaaaaaand that concludes our announcement for today!
But stay tuned, β€˜cause we have something in store for the whole December!
Good luck, and see you at Adsterra!
RichAds Black Friday & Cyber Monday 2021! The more you deposit, the more you get πŸ’ΈπŸ’£

One Time Offer is available for new users and already registered users who haven't been spending for at least 30 days πŸ”₯

Make a deposit and get your special TOPUP:
β€’ $200-$499 – 5%
β€’ $500-$999 – 10%
β€’ $1000+ – 15%

How to get your bonus:
1. Register or Log In
2. Deposit $200 or more
3. Tell your manager RICHBF21 promo code
4. Get your BF TopUp 🎁

❗️ The offer is valid till December 3

We have only 1 bonus for 1 client.

Hurry up! We have 100 bonuses only πŸ’₯

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