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If you're already leveraging push notifications for your campaigns, chances are you are now looking for fresh sources of push traffic. The beauty of push notifications is that it rarely has any instance of bots or fake users.

The downside is that if you focus on the exclusive audience of your traffic network, you are bound to hit a wall when it comes to showing your ads to fresh users. The solution to this is to find other push traffic providers. One traffic network to try is Pushground.


Utilizing their own technology, Pushground can identify bot actions and restrict them. They have put this technology in place just as an additional safeguard for advertisers since push traffic rarely has instances of bots anyway.

Global volumes to scale​

Over 1 billion daily available impressions from 180+ countries for normal traffic, but they also have Pushground+ that is the premium form of our classic push traffic. The main difference between using Classic Push and Pushground+ is performance, campaigns have a much higher content view than the others, which translates into less click loss.

Launch campaigns instantly​

Stop waiting to launch your campaigns, they offer instant campaign approval and real-time data aggregation, so you can focus more on creating ads and analyzing your campaigns. Pushground+ premium traffic requires stricter moderation, including landing page verification, this may take a few minutes but ensures the success of the campaign.

Fresh Supply​

As previously mentioned, having fresh eyes on your ads is important. This is why this traffic network continues to source new subscribers so they can provide a steady supply of fresh audiences to advertisers.

Advanced Targeting​

Media buyers can target their audiences using categories: traffic type, ad format, country, carrier, network type, device, browsers, user freshness, frequency/capping, whitelists and blacklists, you can use many creatives per campaign and you have information on the CTR of each one and also as an additional advantage you can use the automatic rules.

Pushground+ Exclusive Traffic​

Pushground+ is the premium form of classic push traffic. It comes exclusively from top-quality websites with premium qualified users, which makes it highly converting.The campaign creation process is practically the same for Pushground+ as it is for Classic Push.


Intuitive Interface​

As for the reports dashboard, the network displays not just your impressions and clicks, but also the opportunities and how much of these you actually won and got your ad delivered. With the computed Win Rate, you will be able to determine whether you need to increase your bid to be more competitive.

Pushground Pricing and Payments​

The network updates their list of country CPCs and impressions daily for advertisers to adjust their bids or plan their campaigns appropriately. The minimum cost per click is $0.003.

Payment is done by completing the billing information form on their website and receiving an invoice. Hopefully, they will update their platform with other modes of payment in the future. Pushground's minimum deposit is $100.

Pushground Promo​

Use our special code to sign up for Pushground and get a 10% bonus on your first deposit. Promo code is: Afflift_PG

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Good traffic source. Traffic quality is good, and the account managers are very helpful and responsive + the platform is easy to use

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