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Jul 29, 2019

Pushground is a performance ad network that allows media buyers and affiliates to maximize their performance-marketing providing a global supply of high-quality Push and Native ad traffic.

At Pushground you get:

πŸ₯Š Top-performing Formats

Pushground offers premium Push ad and in-page push from over 130 Geos!

πŸ€– Auto-Optimization
Sit back and relax and your campaigns raise and lower their bids or pause themselves.

🎯 Advanced user freshness targeting
With over 14 user freshness groups, Pushground is the only traffic source where you can ensure that your Push ad is the first
that users see.

πŸ’² CPC Pricing
We offer a minimum CPC of $0.001. Find a complete list of our volumes and rates here.

🧠 Intuitive Interface
With our platform, you can make complex campaigns fast and effortlessly manage countless campaigns.

🌍 1.3 Billion available impressions daily
With traffic from over +175 countries, Pushground offer volumes to scale from every corner of the world.

🏎 Instant campaign approval
No more waiting for your campaigns, we offer instant campaigns approval and real-time data aggregation.

πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ Expert advice
Our team of experts has your back providing expertise and insight to help you succeed.

πŸš€ Get started today with a 10% deposit Bonus for all affLIFT members By registering from the link below and telling
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