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Statistics have proven that mobile affiliate marketing has tremendously grown over the years and will still continue to grow. If you’d like to have your finger on the mobile marketing pie, you can start with Gasmobi.

Founded in 2015, Gasmobi is a privately held company that is headquartered in Madrid, Spain. It is being run by a team of creative mobile traffic hustlers who strive to get targeted results for advertisers worldwide.



Dedicated Account Managers
Gasmobi’s affiliate account managers are available to answer queries on a 24/7 basis. They provide insightful tips on how to earn the maximum payouts, which encourage affiliates to have a long term relationship with them.

All inquiries can be sent via mail, but you can also reach out to your account manager through Skype. They are very responsive and are even willing to set up custom offers for you once you have proven your quality.

Proprietary Smartlink Named Maggie
Gasmobi’s intelligent Smartlink is highly capable that it warranted a name -- Maggie. She filters and segments all traffic that’s coming in according to the click information. The data that the AI gathers in a split second is used to determine where best to route the user. The traffic is sent to the offer that the user has the highest potential of converting, based on details such as mobile carrier, connection type, operating system, country, and device.

Because Maggie does the segmentation herself, almost all types of traffic are accepted. There would be no need to test what traffic your offer works best in, the Smartlink will do that for you. In short, Gasmobi’s Smartlink does the optimization herself, allowing the affiliate to sit back, relax, and simply look for more traffic sources.


In-house Tracking Network
Gasmobi’s Smartlink technology works best with their in-house tracking system that efficiently monitors traffic. You can keep track which among your campaigns are sending the best performing traffic so you can focus on them more.

The dashboard is pretty straightforward, so you can easily the number of visits, the number of conversions, the conversion rate, and your total revenue.

Multiple Offers with Different Commission Types
There are more than three thousand five hundred offers within Gasmobi, most of them exclusive and come from direct advertisers. Their main verticals include sweepstakes, business and finance, and nutra.

There’s an offer whatever location your traffic is coming from, although their best performing geos are Western Europe, Latin America, and most English-speaking countries.

To help affiliates get better conversion rates, the network has created multiple pre-landers for each offer. These are all tested and proven to work.

Finally, you can earn from these offers through various mobile conversion models, which include CPI, CPL, CPS and CPA.

Gasmobi Payout Options

This network sends payments on Net-30 basis initially. Affiliates are moved to quicker payments the longer they work with Gasmobi. From Net-30, you can be switched to Net-15, then Net-7, down to bi-weekly and weekly payments.

The minimum withdrawal amount is $200 and can be sent via wire transfer, Payoneer or PayPal.

Meet Maggie

Here is a quick video explaining a bit more about Maggie, the AI smartlink from Gasmobi.

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