Black Friday 2022 - Affiliate Marketing Deals

AdStart Media
upgraded to lifetime membership. so excited! ><

thanks Luke for LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP promo (y)

Same same :geek:

Hi lifers! Congrats! To be honest, I'm surprised you're a lifer now. l'm planning to become one this year too. (just on afflift tho)

Anyway, can you please tell me why have you decided to become one? Seeing your post#, and being on the forum for a year now but never seeing you, I don't understand how are you using the forum , can you just read and learn everything without ever asking questions, doing follow alongs..

Thanks ☺️
l'm planning to become one this year too. (just on afflift tho)
Message me before you pay so I can see if you qualify for a nice discount :D

I can't speak for the people you specifically pointed out, but we have a lot of people who read my newsletters each week and check out those threads. They may not post, but they read the content (our Digest emails get a TON of clicks too). You can't read content without a membership and the cheapest membership option is the lifetime membership (assuming you're going to hang out for more than a year and a half).

I also know we had quite a few people get the lifetime membership during the Black Friday promo just to support the community. I had at least 3 old PeerFly affiliates message me something along those lines :)