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Jul 3, 2021
🎯 Traffic Source: PopAds
🔧 Tracking Tool: BeMob
✅ Affiliate Network: Mobipium
👍 Type of Offer: SmartLinks
💰 Offer Payout: ???
🏆 I believe this campaign will be successful because: The Second Optimization is looking Promising.
🔍 I am unsure about: How to Scale this Campaign.

Hi everyone, this is my 3rd attempt at the Beginner Course and it is showing promising results.

Here is a snapshot of the results of Simply Selecting 4 Countries. Learning from Failure, testing many countries at once simply requires too high a budget to have enough data to do a good analysis to find the winners.


Getting a -43% ROI with 0 Optimization shows that something is promising.

After Analyzing the Data :- I have came up with a few conclusions
  • Only 1 of the 4 Countries is worth giving a shot at the moment.
  • For this Particular Country, Generic Stream and All Landings are the Top Winners but they all have some potential
  • Majority of The Winnings Come from a few particular websites and a few particular categories.

I decided to test based on Categories today and these are the results so far. I've been running for
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