Have you ever wished you can mingle with other affiliates and like-minded individuals? Have you ever felt that networking -- on a personal, face to face level -- can help you boost your journey in the affiliate marketing business? If so, you are not alone.

Sure, affiliate marketers can always chat, exchange emails, have online conferences, and even do live video calls and presentations. But nothing beats having to discuss your ideas and learn from gurus in person. The feel of having to shake the hands of people you admire and want to network with -- that is an exhilarating experience. Several affiliate marketing events have been created for the exact reason.

But it seems that these events are not enough for the stakeholders in the affiliate industry. As such, the Affiliate World Conference was created.


Affiliate World Conference Background

The Affiliate World Conference is a gathering of performance marketing companies and individuals. It was created by iStack Conferences (from Stack That Money) in 2015 and has made its mark ever since. The conference is held twice a year - one in Europe, and another one in Asia. The conference gets bigger and bigger every year, with the most recent ones getting an average of 250 exhibitors and 3,600 affiliates.

Unlike other conferences, the Affiliate World does not focus on affiliate marketing alone. It involves anything related to online businesses, such as dropshipping and eCommerce. This means anyone working on any business online is perfectly welcome, and everyone can benefit greatly from it.

The ticket price for affiliates ranges from $1,000 to $2,000 dollars per event. This is one pass for the two or three-day event. If you want to get it cheaper, you can opt for the Early Bird tickets that are priced at more than 50% to 60% off. These become available as soon as the last event ends.

As previously mentioned, the Affiliate World Conference is split into two: the Affiliate World Europe and the Affiliate World Asia.

Affiliate World Europe (AWE)

This two-day conference is held in the middle of the year. Previous event locations include Berlin, Germany and Barcelona, Spain.

Affiliate World Asia (AWA)

This two-day-long conference is held towards the end of the year. The Affiliate World Asia is usually held in Bangkok, Thailand. They also hold a China tour that is frequently done in Shanghai.

What Happens in Affiliate World?

The conference organizers have continuously improved their programs, adding and experimenting on new activities to improve the overall experience of affiliates, digital marketing companies, advertisers and more.

Here's more or less what happens in every conference:

Niche Labs

These are dynamic events with hyper-focused topics that affiliates can choose to attend. Niche labs consist of speeches and discussion panels so that affiliates and media buyers can learn more about the niche they are concentrating on. Previous topics for Niche Labs are:
Each Niche Lab is divided into four sessions, and these are:
  1. Main Stage Expert Secrets
  2. Breakout Stage Sessions
  3. Mixer (this is where attendees can meet new people and build their network)
  4. Meet the Speakers/Experts
All Niche Labs and can be attended for free by event pass holders. Not all topics are available at every conference though, so if there is a specific Niche Lab you are looking to attend, make sure to check the event schedule if it is included in the program.


Exhibition Market

This is where various attendees exhibit their companies and promote their network or services. Exhibitors include advertisers, traffic sources, CPA networks, and other industry tools and service providers.

Speeches and Panels

There are usually two main stages with simultaneous speeches. The presentations are mastermind-level content that affiliates shouldn't miss. The keynote speakers are experts in their own niches and are composed of super affiliates and industry leaders.

The panels are where you can come across marketing techniques that can really boost your business.

Networking Events

This is one of the highlights and most anticipated aspects of the Affiliate World conferences. This is where you can speak with your affiliate managers, discover new tools (tracking, cloaking, spy tools and more), and sign up with new networks.

If you've been sending quality traffic and conversions to a specific network, this is the time and place to negotiate for an increased cap or better rates. You can also discover new offers to try. It all boils down to being able to have a brief but meaningful meeting with companies that matter to you.

Extra: AW Networking App

If you want to get in touch with other attendees before, during or after the event, you can do so via the AW app. This app provides you all the information you need about the event such as the full schedule, map to the location, meet-ups and parties, information on the keynote speakers and exhibitors, as well as other program details.

Should You Attend Affiliate World?

It would be a good idea to do so. In the words of Neil Patel (co-founder of KISSmetrics, Crazy Egg and Hello Bar), it is an absolute must-attend conference. Imagine meeting the best minds in the industry, with absolutely crazy and creative ideas that will boost your affiliate marketing business!

Keep in mind, though, that even if experts share some of what they do, many of the speakers don't actually reveal their full secrets. You will gain insight on what you can do, and maybe even find new angles and traffic providers, but do not expect to learn every single step.

However, the best part about conferences like these is the networking aspect. Connecting with people in your niche, meeting possible CPA networks you want to hook up with, and even learning of new traffic sources you can try: this is what makes Affiliate World an event you shouldn't miss.

AWC is a fun gathering. You can even just chill at the parties or visit the tourist destinations of the city once it’s over. Whatever your goal is in attending the AWC, you would surely end up motivated and ready to pump up your campaigns when you get home.

You can also find example presentations given at Affiliate World here:
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