Zero to 7-Figures with Push Traffic – My Biggest Profit Producing Insights [AWEurope 2019]


Aug 8, 2019
Hey everyone - my name is Chad Wilton from Affiliate World. First post, thought I would provide everyone an overview of one of our presentations in Barcelona at Affiliate World Europe.

I'll get right to it...

Push Ads. Push Ads. Push Ads.

They have been the talk of the industry for a while now and although some predict they may be phased out in 2019, others are making the most of the opportunities they bring.

As one of the top Push Ads affiliates, Andrew Payne has jumped on this opportunity bringing him from 0 to 7 figures with Push Traffic.

If you’re looking to work with Push Ads, you’ll want to buckle up and watch Andrew Payne’s AWE19 presentation.

Here’s our summary for you:

Zero to 7-Figures with Push Traffic – My Biggest Profit Producing Insights

In this 40 minute presentation, Andrew goes over his transformative strategy that took him from 0 to 7-figures by running push ads. He covers:

1) How to build out your push traffic subscribers without the need for a network.
2) How to optimize to reduce costs per subscriber
allowing you to buy more traffic at a higher CPM and be more aggressive when acquiring more subscribers.
3) Aggressive approaches to capture a subscriber using his Subscriber Backflow method. This method sends users who have clicked on the back button to a new domain asking them to subscribe again rather than to their original source. Users can be put in this flow up to 5 times meaning they’d see 6 domains in total. Using this method, Andrew and his team recovered ~30% of subscribers who wouldn’t have previously subscribed helping them to reduce the cost per subscriber and growing their list.

4) Monetizing the backflow - You want to be able to monetize your traffic and audience before anyone else. To do this, send a message to your user prompting them to a landing page. Those that clicked back send them to a new campaign rotating your best offers with the best landing pages indefinitely until they exit. This backflow monetization method although Andrew admits it’s a bit aggressive this method has accounted for ~12% of their overall revenue.

5) What’s important in the ad copy - When creating copy it’s important to put a heavy amount of focus on your Headline/Icon as these are the items that are the most visible to your user and will be the ones to capture their attention. Less so important is the message copy. Usually put a CTA here to help convert the user. The time of day you will send your push ad can make or break your CRs.

6) When and how to use the main 2 types of messages:[/B]
General Message: Use the general message when you want to test a variety of offers quickly to see if one sticks out. These tend to convert on a lower scale because they are less personal.
Tailored Message: After you find the offer that sticks out, move over to the tailored messaging to be more focused and very specific. This messaging tends to have a lower open rate, but a higher CR because you have prequalified the user prior to them opening the message.

7) Why split testing will make or break your campaigns - Split testing will help you figure out what is working and what isn’t working. As a rule of thumb keep 20% of your copy based off of what is seeing the best performance and switch up the rest. Split testing will help keep things fresh and unique to the user.
8) Messaging Frequency - How many messages is too much and how little is too little? There’s a fine line between being overly aggressive and losing your audience’s engagement because they haven’t heard from you over time. After using aggressive approaches, Andrew shares his insight into how to set up your message frequency to produce consistent revenue.
9) Lifetime Value of a Subscriber - Understanding the lifetime worth of your subscribers will help you reduce the cost per subscriber. There are plenty of elements that affect the lifetime value and it’s important to recognize these elements to avoid losing users.
10) Messaging frequency - The lower the frequency the longer the user will stay subscribed. However, it will be slower to monetize each user.
11) Types of messages - Try to avoid overly aggressive messaging. Users will get offended and unsubscribe. If you’re getting good performance from offers that use aggressive messaging make sure to weigh it against the lifetime value of that subscriber. It may not be worth it in the long run.
12) Promote variety of offers - Keep things very fresh. Change up the messaging, landing page, icon, offers ,etc. to keep the user’s first impression unique.
Only send during peak times!

Run surveys to understand what interests and brands subscribers are interested in to help determine what offers to promote to them.

Push Ads Predictions… [see replay]

If you’ve read through, now’s the time to watch the full 40 mins and fill in all the blanks!