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As an affiliate marketer, it is necessary that you are up to date with the latest digital news and trends. After all, something that happened today might affect your marketing techniques and even your campaigns. If you don’t know about the latest, you might end up losing hundreds or even thousands of dollars! Or what if the latest technology released can drive you more sales and leads? You wouldn’t want to miss an opportunity such as this, would you?

But with hundreds of digital trends and marketing news churning up every single day, how would you know which ones would benefit you and which ones are garbage? How would you be able to filter through the noise?

Simple. Read WHAT THE AFF.

WHAT THE AFF affiliate newsletter

WHAT THE AFF: Behind the Memes

WHAT THE AFF (WTAFF) is your daily dose of updates regarding the digital marketing world. People behind it scroll through the latest news, round them up, and provide a summarized and more entertaining version. Not only do they provide news updates, they also give out actionable advice that you can easily and quickly implement on your marketing techniques. As a bonus, you’ll be entertained with all the memes!

The newsletter, which was first sent out to email subscribers in 2018, is very easy to digest. WTAFF compresses to five minute worth of reading what could’ve taken one person a couple of hours just to be updated on the latest. They are consistent in sending out their newsletter at one in the afternoon, Central European Time, from Mondays to Fridays.

WHAT THE AFF was founded by Manu Cinca, an affiliate who also used to work for STM Forum as a moderator. He describes himself as a problem-solver. Having found that finding and digesting relevant information is a daily bottleneck for many marketers, he decided to create something to solve this problem, and that is how WTAFF newsletter was born.

Who is WTAFF for?

As you may have guessed, WTAFF.co is targeted for affiliates, as its name implies. But it’s also a very useful digest for just about anyone who is into media buying. So if you buy traffic from search engines, social media, DSP and other traffic providers, WTAFF is also for you. If you are into content marketing, email marketing, or e-commerce, this newsletter can be beneficial to you, too.

The preciseness of the newsletter makes it seem like it’s targeted for pro affiliates, especially with jargons that they won’t bother to explain to newbies. But even if you’re new to this industry, you can benefit from this newsletter by simply clicking on the link that leads to the original article. This way, you can get more in-depth information on the topic.

In short, WHAT THE AFF is for anyone who so much as touch online digital marketing.

If you haven’t subscribed to WHAT THE AFF yet, it’s about time you do. It’s a free newsletter anyway, so what have you got to lose? If you don’t subscribe, you might just miss out on the most important updates in the digital marketing space! So, WHAT THE AFF are you waiting for? 😃