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Zeropark Follow Along Contest – Get up to 15% cashback!


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My friends at Zeropark are excited to launch yet another amazing contest with us here at affLIFT! This contest is a little different than the traiditional follow along contests we've done so make sure to read closely below to learn how you can get up to 15% cashback on your spend on Zeropark this month.

This is an awesome opportunity to finish 2020 on a big positive note and get amazing momentum going into 2021!

How to participate?​

In order to participate, you need to start a follow along with any of Zeropark’s available ad formats and any offer of your choice (although e-commerce is highly recommended!). The contest starts TODAY (1st December) and will last until the 20th of DECEMBER.

👉 The rewards in this month’s contest take the form of different cashback levels you can unlock by completing different goals. Additionally, you can receive extra Zeropark credits by performing specific actions.

Step I - 4% cashback​

Launch a campaign with any of the available Zeropark’s ad formats. Yes, in this step, all you have to do to receive a cashback is launch a fresh campaign with Zeropark!

The campaign needs to buy traffic for at least 24 hours to be eligible for the cashback.

Step II - 5% cashback​

This is an easy step. You will be eligible for the 5% cashback as soon as you score your first conversion.

Step III - 6% cashback​

You will be eligible for the 6% cashback once you optimize a source into profitability. Whether your source gets green by itself or through target optimization, as soon as your source turns green, you will be eligible for the 6% cashback.

⭐️ Don’t forget to take screenshots with as many campaign details as possible!

Step IV - 7% cashback​

You’ll qualify for a 7% cashback as soon as your campaign hits a green day. If you’re running more than one campaign, only one of them needs to be green. Also, do remember to attach a screenshot of your campaign data from a full 24 hour period.

❗️ In short, your ‘yesterday’ report has to be green.

Step V - 10% cashback​

The final step, as you can imagine, will be the most difficult. In order to qualify for a 10% cashback you need to optimize your campaign to profitability. Yes, at least one of your campaigns needs to be overall profitable at the end date of the contest.

If, for whatever reason, you have to stop a campaign sooner, and it is overall profitable, you are still eligible for the cashback.

Bonus Step - 15% cashback​

Many of you will be running more than one campaign. If you manage to get 3 or more campaigns to turn profitable in the period between 1st December and 20th of December, you will be eligible for 15% cashback.

❗️ Remember that only the campaigns started after the 1st of December which remain overall profitable at the end date of the contest will be eligible for the 15% cashback prize.


Cashbacks are cool but what about bonus money that you can receive for completing simple tasks? That sounds even cooler! If you want to get some extra dollars in Zeropark credits, all you have to do is complete these simple steps:

💵 Pass conversion data to Zeropark to receive 15 USD.
Passing conversion data is as easy as copy-pasting a link but can significantly help Zeropark in assessing the quality of their traffic.​
💵 Set RBOs for at least one campaign to receive 25 USD.
Rule-Based Optimization can significantly increase the performance of your campaigns. Set some rules for at least 24 hours and reap the benefits (not just from the bonus)!​
💵 Rate Zeropark on Google to receive 10 USD.
If you enjoy working with Zeropark, let others know! Sharing your opinion here might make it easier for new affiliates to find their new favorite source. Don’t forget to post a screenshot with your opinion in your follow-along ;)
💵 Post your third follow-along update to receive 10 USD.
Yes, we’re all about the regular updates. Don’t get discouraged too soon or you’ll miss out on the extra cash! Add minimum three follow-along updates in at least one of your follow-along threads to get extra $10 instantly.​
What counts as “an update”? A new post in a thread that reports your campaign’s progress. 3 updates mean that you’ve run your campaign for at least 72 hours and reported the progress after each of three days.​


You run one follow-along campaign that you optimize into a positive ROI, and shut it down after posting at least three updates in the thread. The campaign spends a total of 2000 USD before it’s paused. You’re passing conversion data, but are not using RBO and didn’t bother to rate Zeropark on Google. Here’s your summary:

Cashback Level I (4%): ✅ (you’ve launched a follow-along campaign)

Cashback Level II (5%): ✅ (you’ve got a conversion)

Cashback Level III (6%): ✅ (at least one of the sources is profitable)

Cashback Level IV (7%): ✅ (your campaign is profitable in one of the days)

Cashback Level V (10%): ✅ (your campaign overall is profitable once you pause it)

Cashback Level VI (15%): ❌ (you’ve only run one follow along campaign, rather than three profitable ones)

Bonus for Conversion Data: ✅
Bonus for RBO: ❌
Bonus for Google rating: ❌
Bonus for three updates: ✅

In such scenario, you would receive a bonus of:
10% cashback (10% of 2000 USD spend = 200 USD)
15 USD for passing conversion data
10 USD for three follow-along updates

Total Reward in this example = 225 USD.

💬 FAQ​

What do I need to do once I complete the subsequent steps?

Contact ZP through a Private Message with the email address you used to sign up on Zeropark. Your achievements will be verified and your final cashback level will be confirmed at the end of the contest.

If you’re not passing conversion data to Zeropark, you will need to attach screenshots from your tracker to unlock cashback steps II and above.

Make sure to attach a screenshot of your Google rating if you want to receive that extra $10. Your bonus money will be paid out in the first week of January (provided that you’ve spent the obligatory $200).

Is there a minimum spend amount to be eligible for cashback and bonuses?

Yes, you need to spend at least $200 on the follow-along campaigns throughout the promo period (from 1st December to 20th December) to be eligible for the prizes. That shouldn’t be a problem though, considering it’s the shopping season that we’re talking about. ;)

Does the cashback percentage apply to my entire spend throughout the promo period, or only to campaigns featured in my follow-along(s)?

The cashback only applies to the money spent in the campaigns featured in your follow-along(s).

Can I multiply the cashback level by achieving the goals for more than one follow-along?

Nope, you are encouraged to run more than one campaign, however, regardless of whether one or all of them get to a certain step, you will only receive one cashback bonus.

How and when will my cashback and bonus credits be applied?

The rewards (the cashback combined with the bonus credits for specific actions listed above) will be added to your account in the form of Zeropark credits in the first week of January 2021. The only exception is the bonus for 3rd update of your follow-along, which will be paid out within three days of posting the update.


Zeropark has plenty of resources to help you and give you ideas. From tips and recommendations to whitelists and creatives, you’ll find plenty of inspiration in these posts, webinars, and articles:

👉 Your ultimate guide to scaling e-commerce campaigns in Q4 2020!

👉 [Webinar 🎥] Cashing in on the 2020 Holiday Season with e-commerce campaigns

👉 Beginners Tutorial on How to Start in Affiliate Marketing (with Zeropark)

👉 Why Are My Affiliate Marketing Campaigns Failing? Here Are the Top 5 Beginner Mistakes.


For those of you who are new to Zeropark and for those that haven’t yet claimed our bonus – remember about our exclusive affLIFT bonus! Just log in or register through the link below to have 5% added to your top-up 👇

Zeropark Bonus for affLIFT Members


Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions or if the rules seem a bit complicated. Be it a reply below, a DM to @Zeropark, or an email to [email protected] they will gladly help you. 🤝

Good luck!

I've added a $100 bonus for the first 5 entires to qualify. Read below 👇
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💵 Rate Zeropark on Google to receive 10 USD.If you enjoy working with Zeropark, let others know! Sharing your opinion might make it easier for new affiliates to find their new favorite source. Don’t forget to post a screenshot with your opinion in your follow-along ;)

How do we do this? like I go to Google, type in Zeropark and then what? instructions not clear 🥴
Other than that, it's great to have a new contest before the end of 2020!


Grand Guru
Hey guys, we want to wish everyone good luck! 🎉

We hope you'll have a lot of fun coming up with campaigns and optimization strategies. 🤓

If you have any questions or if you need recommendations, advice, or guidance, we're here for you and ready to help. 💪

👉 PS. We do have an AMA with @Ianternet and @iamaffiliate coming up so if you want the experts' guidance, join and ask away!

Have fun!


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Community Leader
This is a pretty cool contest, although maybe a little confusing for my small brain think i need to re-read it again to be sure :ROFLMAO:

💵 Rate Zeropark on Google to receive 10 USD.
If i have several google account can I get multiple bonuses :p