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What's the best way for you to use ProPush?



Aug 1, 2019
Hey guys!

At ProPush we are glad to be a part of this community!

Today we are asking for your help. We would like to know what the top ProPush features are for AffLift contributors.

So can you guys please answer 1 question: What’s your favorite way to use ProPush?

Just a gentle reminder, we have 3 monetization flows:
  • Extra-monetization via ProPush subscription tag. Set it on a landing page of any offer you run and get extra profits from push subscribers collected from your traffic
  • Push Subscriptions. We show a subscription form to users from your website/landing page. If they submit it, we pay you for each subscriber/push notification sent to your subscriber database
  • Traffic back. Is a solution to monetize exit traffic. It works for those users who didn't want to subscribe or who closed the subscription window

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