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Tracker Switch Situation - Your opinion?



Super Contributor
Apr 21, 2020
Hello I’m in a jam with tracking.

I need to save/store all the data within the next 48 hours. My Binom license expires soon and it shuts you out when this happens. This means all my data is unusable because I cannot access it.

Although I don't like this, make no mistake I do like Binom. I just think right now for my budget, the $160 is better spent elsewhere like on traffic, spy tools, etc.

Also, I need to downgrade servers because DigitalOcean is also too expensive. Thought you could downgrade the server, but you actually can only upscale and downscale to what you start with. My server will never cost less than $60/mo. Too high for me.

Upgraded to Binom v2 to be proactive. I didn’t want a situation where I was forced to upgrade and lose my data, momentum, etc.

I've tried a few trackers (Bemob, peerclick, MaxConv).

A few other reasons I feel it best to ‘downsize’ trackers right now
  • Although I’ve made progress, I’ve yet to reach even consistent $X/day with AM

  • I've seen many success posts on forums affiliates who’ve reached $X or $XX+/day and I’ve noticed
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