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Guide Track and Rip Protected Landing pages, When spytools Fail to!!



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Apr 9, 2019
This Guide for one of the hardest Landing pages tracking i have ever Done, its almost not present on any spytools, and i almost couldn't get it , but because its so popular, it must be present some where on the Web , so i Took that challenge ..

first @noisyboy reached me for that Landing page , with one URL, and Screenshot of the desired Landing-page

i have tested it the normal way and Failed .

I have tried every thing, Adplexity mobile , Anstrex pop, and Anstrex push. "adplexity mobiles, Anstrex Pops" have the most avialable Carriers i need for this offer, and they failed to get it, 😒
So Options are : either cloaked Very well , or not running on Pops, " not convinced by this option. "

so i have done some tests on the URL with other tools i use, "urlscan.io, Offer optimize, Affilitest" combined with Spytools .

1- offeroptimize, Affilitest : both are good and powerful , affilitest is much more accurate analyzing and getting hard offers ,
both failed to get the right lp. and stopped at 1st redirect .. 🤔

2- Need to Scan desired URL first
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